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John Ward – Global Economy Update: Exclusive Idiot’s Guide To Miracle Mirage – 9 January 2014

JohnWMario Draghi….laughing ’til he wets his pants

ClubMed cured as US/UK Christmas sales shown to have gone badly well, and recovery drops while recession catches on. Or something.ftgood Continue reading

SHOCKER – IMF Says Collapse Likely – 9 January 2014

Uploaded on 8 January 2014  by Charlie Mcgrath / http://www.wideawakenews.com/
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Peter, Lucas And Colin – Double Dutch Radio Show Reminder – 9 January 2014


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The Show starts on the times shown below.

Friday the 10 January 2014. is our new radio show episode, make a note and listen in! Call in with your questions!

Show starts NewYork -EDT at 6.00 am – in mainland Europe, CEST 12.00 pm – and  22.o0 pm Canberra Australia EST time. Continue reading

UK Column Live – 9th Jan. – 9 January 2014

Uploaded on 9 January 2014 by ukcolumn Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish with today’s lunchtime news update.

UK Column Live – 8th Jan. – 9 January 2014

Uploaded on 8 January 2014 by ukcolumnLouise Collins and Brian Gerrish with a news update from the UK Column.



Esther Hicks – The Biggest Missing Piece – 9 January 2014

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Sandra Walter – Early 2014: Collective Shift In Reality – 9 January 2014

Uploaded on 6 December 2013 by Ascension Integration with Sandra Walter This was a difficult message for me to deliver, as I personally do not like to provide predictions of this magnitude. Those on the Ascension path will understand my intention to serve the collective by preparing all of us to be pure Wayshowers dedicated to demonstrating what Ascension is truly about: LOVE and UNITY. For services and Ascension support, visit http://www.sandrawalter.com