John Ward – Global Economy Update: Exclusive Idiot’s Guide To Miracle Mirage – 9 January 2014

JohnWMario Draghi….laughing ’til he wets his pants

ClubMed cured as US/UK Christmas sales shown to have gone badly well, and recovery drops while recession catches on. Or something.ftgood

I mean Great Scott, just look at that above, eh? ClubMed no longer needs meds: it’s borrowing cheaply again. Which means that both we and the mainland are on the mend because George Osborne said….

telbad…no hang on a minute, that isn’t what Mr Osborne said at all. He said we had turned a corner. He did you know. Mind you, then he said….

Ftmuddle…er, and that we’re recovering in a manner of speaking, that is to say we’re doing very well all things considered but we still have a long way to go. Let’s see now, the Wall Street Journal usually has a definitive view, I wonder what it thinks about the state of…..

WSJyesnoAh. The recovery has deepened? I thought it was supposed to harden or consolidate or something. Surely it’s recessions that deepen isn’t it…because sales fall? So when sales rise, oh hang on a minute, here comes another one…

costcogood…I say, rather what? Although of course, Costco is downmarket, and they did better online where prices are even lower. So how did Sainsbury…

beebbad ….oh dear. Well somebody must’ve done well over Christmas….I wonder how the mutuals….


…did, well by golly, I say – good show. Mind you, the Labour Party allowed the Co-Op to get taken over by the see you next Tuesdays didn’t it, so, um, that won’t be a mutual much longer. And the well-heeled shop at Waitrose, so that was probably a factor.

So then…bit of a mixed bag, really. Still, that Spanish bonds stuff was good news, surely. What fundamentals was it based on, I wonder. Let’s take a look at….

elpaisbad….El Pais, oh dear. That doesn’t sound right. But surely…didn’t the Beeb run a story saying there was a record drop in December unemployment? Er, surely Zero Hedge would….

zhbad…ooer. Well for goodness sake, I don’t know.


In the neoliberal-bring-back-socialism world of contradiction based on rear-view glasses, every data source has an agenda. I don’t know and you don’t know what’s happening because they don’t know what lies ahead. Two posts in one day showing the same syndrome in two entirely different areas of life…..IT’S A TRUTH LANDSLIDE! / link to original article


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