AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – DMT And Contact – A Demo Of ONEness – 11 January 2014

eileenmeyerBlending with the ONEness this morning showed me this…

BE       Leave

Believing in something, as opposed to KNOWing, is something we may want to explore in this moment. You may choose not to give attention to it, which is fine, but you will be aware of BEing IN it, or ONE with IT soon.

To clarify, notice the chasm between the two words above. Be-leaving in something creates separation, or a leaving of your own senses – a departure of your own BEingness – where you know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Earth and all Natural World inhabitants are shifting right now. The higher or more expanded the frequency awareness, the less thought and ability there is to conceptualize. IT just IS.

I learned from direct experience that DMT and CONTACT activates and demonstrates the same field of awareness. CONTACT came first. Then twelve years ago, DMT simply validated the phenomenon of higher-frequency or the ONEness in contact. In these states there are no thoughts to grab on to, and anything that you once be-leaved simply does not exist. In these states, one is strongly invited to BE the frequency or feel the intense discomforts of separation. In other words, you will be unable to know yourself as a collection of what others have told you to think or be-leave. You will be in direct CONTACT and STREAMing the UNIVERSAL. We will no longer have the distraction of discussing and/or analyzing something to death. We’re launching. We’re going live. We’re going actual. Are you ready?

BEingness roots one into the Earth where one works WITH the planet to BE and KNOW and DO in this ONE field. Analytical thought is still available, but it isn’t as necessary for LIFE WITH or ONE with Earth. It was very necessary when living on Planet Earth in our disconnected or fragmented, un-knowing state. KNOWing eliminates the need to break things down into tiny pieces, or slow it down for study and analysis.

No more BE LEAVE. Simply BE and you will be in perfect alignment with the Earth and Stars to BE FULL-filled.

What happens next? We are on with the exploration of ONEness and our FULLness with Mother Earth and the Universe. Now that’s a trip.

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