Sophia Love – Update 10th January – 11 January 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

As we know there is only one force that “rules” over this World and it’s Galactic Federation of Light. Sometime rarely there were visitors from other dimensional worlds in their crafts mostly small. But they were always warned “to not get to ground”, because this is “experimental creation”. Galactic Federation/Galactic Federation of Light/Galactic Confederation of Light/Ashtar Galactic Command all is this force. Ashtar Galactic Command as we know are the oversight of this current experiment.And as we know CO2 gas is a greenhouse gas, Venus is full of CO2 and it is very hot there with neverending wind storms and unstoppable volcanoes. This gas is not primarily the cause for huge temperature it is also position to the Sun, but CO2 just adds to overall temperature. It is because of element carbon in it. Carbon is absorbing Solar heat (mostly from infrared and ultraviolet spectrum), and make more heat as a result.

So mainly the Global warming is caused by a very big output of this gas and many cars around the World, which with each Earth cycle are increasing in numbers, this was always my personal big concern when I was young. I was seeing how many cars there were back then and how their numbers grew in recent time, the biggest concern here is exhaust, if they would be exhaust-free, global warming would recede. Also it comes from many many lights from around the World, this too gives a slight temperature increase.

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We know that Light Followers had reduced the global warming, but the best way to avoid it is to completely end with using oil. The magnetic pole shift can already be felt by shifting temperatures, for example cold frost wave across north west part of US and Canada and heat wave across Europe which is now still ongoing. Such big temperature variations are caused not only by global warming, but also by planetary magnetic field.


You said very correctly Sophia.

“This experiment was initiated by the Followers of Light, to include the Archons, to “test” humanity with hardship as a method to reach for the light. The complete enslavement of humanity ensued and the plan includes methods to reduce the population overall. This all takes place “under” the G.O.D. who created us, ( the ruler of a hierarchical system of beings, the “Divines”) who is a powerful being within ONE’s creation, as the rest of us are.

The Cabal/Illuminati serve the purpose of the “experiment”, by perpetrating the enslavement, via the financial system and dependence on oil. The Followers of Light could, right now, get rid of the Cabal. The hesitation is not because Humanity has not spoken, it has. We want freedom. It is for their own reasons.

ONE has declared the “experiment” is to end no later than August 2016. The Forces of ONE will see that it happens on that date IF THE FOLLOWERS OF LIGHT DON’T END IT SOONER. THEY COULD. THEY COULD END IT RIGHT NOW.”

I will fix only one thing: the population reduction wants illuminati order minor representatives “to save resources”. But medium to higher order members wish to do it to make Humanity suffer, because they were told to do so, for that Light Followers agenda “toward Love and Light”. And Light Followers on their own part wanted to destroy all those that are corrupted with evil or disloyalty toward Demiurge.

And Light Followers don’t make “event”, for some reasons.
Main reason because they want experiment to continue,
then they don’t like when “someone tells them what to do”
and also because dates were set before this.
It was done by Demiurge, but little they know One planned this also.
And beacons were left for us, last that remains is Ariel Sharon and he is still alive.

Humanity and Light Followers could have changed destiny, but it just looks like everything proceeding like it was meant to, limits were not pushed..

It is all hard to understand, so the best thing I could recommend to do right now to increase the pace for arrival for this moment is to spread out the information of ETs presence over this World with not fabricated videos and spread out technologies design that can completely remove oil from use.

Peace, Calm and Prosperity!

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