Lucas – The New Prophets Are Here – And They Are You – 13 January 2014

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Spiritual awakening roads are still often travelled by listening and following the wise ones, the teachers and gurus but also the peers among you who think to know better for you. It is though not your path to follow others or having to follow a certain way of being, believing or acting. It is enough to be your own prophet so to say that knows all that is from the past and the future is all stored within.

The new prophecies you will follow are the ones you will bring about as your future envisioning of what you want in the now. In the new you will shape all from the being in the now and following in your new way of communicating and manifesting thing to come. It is about the sense and feeling, the envisioning and the symbols and pictures that will make up together a new language of bringing about what you are and want.

The new is brought forwards in a new way. That is not thinking of … but feeling and sensing and envisioning it and letting it form into a new reality from the flow of energies that construct new opportunities, manifestations to bring about that new. Knowing it is what is needed as there is no believing it or thinking or assuming things anymore.  The power from your new connections in communication and manifesting skills will be showing.

It is not about future planning or taking up things that have been instigated from feelings, thoughts, experiences, emotions, decisions that have their origin in the past tense!  We need to see our moment of the now as the only thing of importance to do, make happen and instigate what you want NOW.  It is NOW you want your dreams to happen and make your visions show and be where you want to be.

You only have to know to leave attachments behind. Know that your heart is your home where ever you go.  So where you go and where you are is alright and the best for you at the moment of the now. If you choose to be somewhere else than make it so now. Start your journey NOW before it ends in an old heavy weights from the past lifting competition or could and should and would from the future.

All is always in the now and in all multiple dimensional levels present. You will find your way around the NOW if you see beyond past and future.  You will remind the expansion you can make in doing all from the heart connection in the NOW.  The manifesting change starts in the now in living the now. So many times you have heard to be enjoying your moments in the now as people remember old pains, losses and tragedies that made them aware of being enjoying the now more.

Do not get into the fear and sadness of what is or was and will be.  You can not make something new with the balance off towards one or the other side of the moment of the now. Just see all is as it should be in this moment.Therefore enjoy your moment of the now and know it is all there for your experiential process you go through. The integrating and letting go will go on and the old and future blockages will be eliminated from the now in you doing so.

The one will become unity again when all polarities have been centered. Live you uniqueness of being in loving unconditional yourself and others from your heart.  This means not that others will in their ongoing processes be always understanding you and your love and sometimes are disconnecting or going another way but they will eventually see it. The love in letting go or leaving people to experience their process is crucial.  All need to go their paths to come eventually together to jump as one in being individual united unique human lightbeings into the new. We are going to manifest all steps in the now.

Enjoy the choices and decisions you gonna make for it is your free will that makes the path of experience happen. It is about your manifesting powers to stay in the past and future thought constructions or to be allowing the new within to guide you towards the heart-felt manifestations you wish for to come true in the now.

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