TSA Expands To Oversee Aircraft Security – 13 January 2014

RT logoThe Transportation Security Administration is expanding its fiefdom once again, this time planning to inspect aircraft repair stations in an attempt to lower the risk of theft and other terrorism-related activity.

The move will cover about 4,100 domestic repair stations and 700 foreign ones, as the agency attempts to satisfy a Congressional order passed about a decade ago. According to the Associated Press, Congress first mandated the TSA to inspect airport repair stations over concern that they made easy targets for terrorists wishing to steal a plane or plant a bomb onboard one.

While the Federal Aviation Administration is already responsible for keeping tabs on repair stations, its primary responsibility is to ensure the conditions and work quality meet US standards. With the TSA now preparing to inspect shops for security, the FAA will be able to continue authorizing new stations, a process that had been halted previously.

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