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UK Column Live – 14 January 2014

Uploaded on 14 January 2014 by ukcolumn Brian Gerrish and Louise Collins with a news update from the UK Column. (Lucas: Could be some bumps in the first minutes sound go to 04.00 and start!)

PakalertPress – Google Joins Forces With NSA And DARPA As Military Contractor – 14 January 2014

Pakalert PressGoogle has spent the last decade building databases on everything, including each and every computer-using American citizen. Now it intends to join forces with the United States Military to put all that info to good use. The giant “swooshing sound” you are hearing right now is the major leap forward of the Mark of the Beast.

Read the full story at: www.pakalertpress.com / link to original article

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 386 – 14 January 2014

AishaNorthAs you have perhaps already noticed, the ebb and flow of these brand new energies works in very different ways than before, and rightly so. For you have not only reached a brand new plateau in this ongoing process of reconnecting and remembering the different aspects that compose the true you, you have also managed to wrestle yourself away from the influence of the old and outdated modes and frequencies. Continue reading

Trying To Control The World? We Do Not Consent! By Rob Menard – 14 January 2014

Uploaded on 6 October 2012 by mrmitee

Speaking to the Powers that Be, Whoever They Be. A video discussing freedom, monopolization of money, denying us our rights, claiming that you are protecting our rights. How the powers that be use fear to ensure obedience. Obstruction of justice and the loss of faith in our institutions. Naughty powers, WE DON’T CONSENT! By Freeman Rob Menard: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Visit freemaneteria.wordpress.com or email freemanrobmenard@gmail.com Thanks for visiting the YouTube channel, feel free to subscribe!

Australia – The VLAD Laws (Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act 2013) – Jarrod Bleijie – Public Demand To Show Cause – 14 January 2014

Uploaded on13 January 2014 by thecrowhouse Let it be a matter of public record that this demand for Jarrod Bleijie to show cause was issued on behalf of the people of Queensland Australia with respect, without malice, frivolity or vexation, on January 14th, 2014 and that should Mr Jarrod Bleijie not respond to this video within 21 days of this date, action will be taken aimed at commencing legal proceedings against Mr Bleijie for Abuse of Power, Human Rights Violations, Sedition and Treason for his actively working to Undermine Democracy and the Rule of Law in Australia. If necessary, such action will be undertaken in an international court. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Tyler Durden – A Rat-Infested “Shithole” – This Is New York City’s Worst School (And The Reason Why) – 14 January 2014

ZeroHedgeIn Europe, “it is all austerity’s fault” or so the conventional, and very wrong, wisdom goes. Or rather, fauxterity, because as we showed months ago, with European debt and spending soaring, tax revenues plunging, and zero actual reforms since Draghi’s “whatever it takes” speech made any actual attempt to fix the economy through fiscal policy irrelevant (after all the Goldmanite at the head of the ECB will fix any runaway bond yields), the main thing that actually ails Europe is sheer political incompetence and unbridled corruption (and the hangover of record debt, but as every Keynesian knows, even more debt will easily fix that).

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British Sovereignty ‘At Risk’ From EU-US Trade Deal: UK In Danger Of Surrendering Judicial Independence To Multinational Corporations, Warn Activists – 14 January 2014

https://i1.wp.com/www.carnavalswinkel-online.nl/js/tinymce/uploaded/logo-eu.jpgCommons motion highlights growing disquiet, as more than 200 groups add voices to protest

Under a draft plan supported by the European Commission, multinational firms would be given wide-ranging powers to sue EU governments that adopt public policies deemed to “discriminate” against free trade.

Read the whole story at: www.independent.co.uk/ link to original article

IrishExaminer – EU Threat To Case For Wind Farms – 14 January 2014

Irish Examiner

The business case for the building of large-scale wind farms and the transmission networks that go with them is under threat from a policy move in Brussels.

By Vincent Ryan- Business Reporter

Intense negotiations are under way that could result in the European Commission scrapping binding targets for renewable energy from 2030.

Read the full article at: www.irishexaminer.com / link to original article

TimesOfIndia – Somnath Bharti Denies ‘Tampering With Evidence’, CM Kejriwal Defends Him – 14 January 2014

Times Of India – Delhi

NEW DELHI: In the latest twist to the controversy surrounding AAP leader Somnath Bharti, Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal defended his law minister saying that the court’s observation in the matter is “completely wrong”.

Quote out of article:  “The case relates to Pawan Kumar’s prosecution by the CBI in three separate cases for his alleged acts of omission and commission while employed with the State Bank of Mysore since 2006″

Read the whole article at: www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com link to original article

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Gold Manipulation: Is It Illegal? Risk Free? What About JP MORGAN – 14 January 2014

MishMikeShedlockIn the wake of the Gold Flash Crash six days ago in which prices suddenly plunged then recovered, numerous people have been wondering “who is the culprit”.

Will the Real Manipulator Please Stand Up?At the top of the heap in demanding an investigation is a guest post article on ZeroHedge, written by Russ Winter, Open Letter to Gold Investors: Will the Real Manipulator Please Stand Up.
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