TheOne-DreamDreamer – The ArtWork Of ‘Past Lives’ – 14 January 2014



Every life a different color, texture, sound.

You feel they’re “out there”, somewhere, in the past, in “other lives”…

But it’s you. All of you. An artwork of GOD. Such beauty in you that it’s barely possible to discern one color/tone (life) from another one. They make up the picture that is the you you are experiencing now. It is your life, your Now Moment, expression of human and spiritual Self.

As you cannot separate Love in smaller compartment so you cannot break up your human existence in smaller “lives” ether. You can get the gist of it, intuitions, small parts of what is in you all the time but you cannot separate it from what you Are.

Different life expressions and experiences are quantum. Humans tend to look at them in a linear way but they are Now as well as “then”. For they Are and evolve as you evolve exactly as the painting evolves while the painter adds and changes colors. It does not change only one spot, it changes the whole picture!

That is what you do by evolving, growing, learning, remembering, re-uniting with your Self Consciousness.

It’s an artwork of Love. And you are both the brush and the canvas as well as the observer. So as you are a unique color in the bigger canvas of earth and the human race.

Blessed be your drawing ;-) / link to original article


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