John Ward – The Paedofile: More Distraction From Elm House As The BBC Takes Another Kicking – 15 January 2014



The Establishment gets increasingly brazen in its methods of distraction. Already braindead as regards its methods of extraction, the clumsiness with which corrupt privilege is driven off the front pages by the Newscorp-to-cops axis is once again there for all to see.

At the moment, the main sacrificial lamb on the Stonehenge altar is Dave Lee Travis. DLT’s alleged victim told the Court this morning that he fondled her breasts live on radio as she introduced Woman’s Hour. She was 26 years old at the time. Travis is and always was a sexist prick, but he is assuredly not a paedophile, and not a rapist: it is pointless and dishonest to use a Courtroom in which the attitudes and behaviour prevalent in the 1970s are viewed from the perspective of 2014. But that’s what we’re doing.

Meanwhile, Plod’s mantra continues in the exact same vein (the boys in blue lack imagination on the whole) in that yet again today we’ve had Rolf Harris denying “sexually assaulting four girls – the youngest aged seven – in a string of alleged attacks said to have spanned nearly two decades”. Just as with another groper, Stuart Hall, the prepubescent 7 year-old is added to give credence to the farcical idea that we are dealing with paedophilia here.

So we’re absolutely clear about this by the way, the claim that Harris has “apologised” to any of his “victims” is an urban myth – so can we please stop repeating it? The guy has admitted to one thing: being a clinical depressive. He has denied ALL the sex charges put to him.

Further, can we stop bandying around this crass bollocks about some of his pictures being taken down by galleries? It simply isn’t true.

The fact is that the Met spin machine has gone back into overdrive, because for the seventh time in six years, “a former Conservative Cabinet member” has been interviewed, and charges have been predicted…but none have been forthcoming.

All of the BBC Seven have been, to lesser and greater extents, fitted up. We have to ask two questions, and I will keep on asking them despite the email vitriol increasingly coming my way:

1. Why so many investigations of the BBC? Why are none of the investigations aimed at The Church, the social care system and the teaching profession…all places where obsessive paedophiles are known to hide? Why have the circulating accusations against a prominent Sky News presenter disappeared off the radar?

I suspect the answer is that celebrities make bigger news, Murdoch is just as perniciously powerful as ever, and finding real mainstream paedophiles is beyond Mr Plod.

2. Why have these cases come to Court, and fifteen months on, the Elm House inquiry (overseen by your favourite, Mayor Borisconi) still labours along – despite clear video evidence of the accused at one of the Parties?

I’m surprised that Tom Watson hasn’t been more voluble on this subject of late. That there are dirty secrets among MPs is not in doubt: in May 1995 a former Tory Whip spoke candidly to a television crew about a secret dossier. He described how MPs would come to the Whips for advice when in trouble over allegations, whether financial or sexual, adding specifically ‘even involving sex with little boys’. Once shared, the secrets would be used as blackmail to bring in the highest 3-line whipped vote possible.

Who will now speak out against this massive miscarriage of justice? Who will blow the whistle on this mass distraction?

Stay tuned. / link to original article

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