TheOne-DreamDreamer – Sound Healing – Singing With The Uni_Verse – 15 January 2014


Our consciousness creates the notes but our body(s) are the instruments! Take care of both and enjoy your Divine music!

You are a song. Divine Music that defines your particular notes is constantly emitted by your being. Your movements, thoughts, words, feelings and emotions create waves in and around your physical body. And the waves are huge. Cause you are huge, in truth.

Your music creates colors and shades of different light-spectrums, the speed at which you’re vibrating at any given moment… creates seas of rainbows… or shadows.

Shadows emerge when light is all absorbed and not reflected back. It’s all eaten up, in forgetfulness that only by co-creating LIFE is enhanced. That is what creates the perceived darkness. Compressed light. Those waves do not vibrate in balance and harmony, they are disrupted by fear, anger, loneliness, lack of ability to feel (reflect) Love.

Good vibrations create harmony and health, they exchange information in and out of the physical realm as they are entangled beyond what we see. Bad vibrations on the other hand entangle lack of information and thus dis-harmony, dis-ease, in-ability to enhance LIFE.

Both kinds of vibration can influence each other but the music that is mostly played by the planet is the one that is heard and shared most. That is the sum of the collective consciousness. That is why it’s so easy to “resonate” with like-minded people and so hard to resonate with extremely different ones. Cause you are a resonating field of sound. And with sound-vibrations you can heal.

Yourself, others, the planet.

With earth-music, energy techniques, visualization, intent AND physical actions as the cells that create a body are those that make the “hard job” and need to be able to do so. They listen to vibration too… you can tell them to heal but if you treat them badly day after day they will get confused as you will be asking them to sing two opposite songs.

Check your thoughts, your actions, your desires… the more they all play the same music, the more your Whole Being will play the most harmonious and Divine Music.

You are a wave in the Uni_verse of Love. Allow yourself to Flow into the JoyFull rainbow of Creation.

Love, You. link to original article


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