AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Coming Out As A Contactee: Sam Joy And NDEs – 16 January 2014

eileenmeyerBefore I get to Sam’s story below, I would first like to thank everyone who responded to my initial Invitation to the Starseeds, and for you wonderful other bloggers who helped spread the word! I have been happily inundated with all of the communication from you – both through this blog and via the new Facebook Page (see the column to the right – please consider “liking” the page so that I can create a further reach with people). I believe that I responded to everyone at this point, but if not, I’m sorry, and if you feel strongly about participating in my Skype/phone chats, please write to me again!

Of course I would love to create a documentary or an ongoing web series so that I may share more of this community project and the unfolding of our “contact” with each other now. If any of you have suggestions for how to fund this, I’m open. Crowdfunding? Kickstarter? Indigogo? I also have a donation button in the right column if you are one of those rare and wonderful folks that has money to spare for projects that raise consciousness. Employ me! Thank you. I “lost” my job and gained my soul recently. I’m determined to follow my heart and face every fear that arises. I’ve already sold everything that I have of worldly value – including my car. I’ve never been more present with my own value, and I’m quite clear that I truly have nothing to lose. I am simply making a suggestion here that perhaps we could turn off the “conditioned world” channel and begin to listen to the Universe now. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people that continue to wait for something fantastical to happen “out there” to change the world and make it a better place. It’s right here, right now, within, and I am informed that we will awaken quite rapidly when we begin to “make contact” – authentically – with each other. Brilliant!!! And some of us are demonstrating this now… or as Sam says, “we’re walking our talk”.

Sam Joy lives in Arizona and has quite a story to tell about contact over his lifetime. We spoke for over an hour so it was quite challenging to reduce it to a 9.5 minute clip. I thank you Sam. You were a JOY to speak to! Music by Tyler (with permission) – a contactee that you will be hearing from in the future. / link to original article

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