Andy Bojarski – My Higher Self: You Are The Divine Presence – 16 January 2014

AndyBojarski-my-latest-aura-pictureThe Divine Presence is within you.   It has always been inside of you and it will always be inside of you.You have a relationship with Source and Mother / Father God where you are always merged with Source.  You are the eyes and ears of Source.Source sees all through you.  Source is You.  When you accept this truth, you will no longer need to look for anything outside of yourself.  All is within yourself.  All answers you seek are within yourself.  To know God is to love God, to love God is to love yourself.

When your love yourself, you connect with the Divine Presence, you connect with God within you.  That is where God resides, within you.  Whenever you start looking for outside confirmations, you are losing your Divinity, your Divine Essence, as you are giving away your control and your freedoms to others to dictate your life.
Do not ever feel that you have to do something or be something.  Do not let others tell you what you have to do if your intuition is telling you something else.  Always go within for all your answers.  The Divinity in you will always guide you as an extension of your Higher Self.  You are that Divinity.
As the Earth continues to shift energetically, more and more energies are coming to the Earth which is causing a lot of people to awaken.  They are not understanding what is going on.  They are asking questions and they are feeling lost.  They do not understand why they are here and all seems to be falling upon their shoulders as time is sped up. This is the time to go deep inside.
To go and find and accept this Divine Presence inside of you.  You control your life.  You are the Creator of your life.  You decide what happens in your life.  There are no accidents and you dictate the flow of your life.   You are always projecting all of your thoughts and feelings and emotions to the outside world.
These feelings, thoughts and acts are then mirrored back to you to show you YOU.  Do you like what you are seeing?  If not, it is time to go inside and change within.  It is time to maybe have more love or more compassion or more gratitude, for Self and others.  All of these things are now coming up to the surface more and more as the cleansing of humanity has started.
Please understand that we are all One Consciousness, one love. We are all one body of water and you are a glass of that water here on Mother Earth.  How clean is that water?  Is it pure?  The water must be cleaned before it can be poured back into the body of water.
You do this by doing internal work.  You do this by understanding and accepting that you are Divinity in a human body.  What powerful creators and light beings you all are.  Honor this truth and make the changes within to change the reflection of the mirror that is projected to you by others.  You can do this by being humble, by having a heart of gratitude, by forgiving others and loving all beings.
Make peace in person with all the people that you are not talking to.  They are all beings that have Divine Presence in them as well.  How would you respond if God was in front of you?  Would you be mad or would you love God?  Would you be humbled?  The way you respond to God if God was in front of you is the way that you need to respond to every being around you.
Respond with love to all beings, regardless of the barriers and the pain and hurt that was caused to you.  Let the past heal all of your wounds and make up with everyone.  Make the effort.  If they are still bitter and do not want to talk to you or are non-responsive, that is on them.  But you have cleaned your glass of water.
You have released this pain, this suffering and suppressed anger and bitterness that you have been holding in your cells and shoved under a doormat thinking it is gone.  Beloveds, it is not gone.  It must be dealt with.  And it is so easy to release.  Allow the duality to flow off your shoulders.  When you are mad at someone, that takes away from you loving that someone.  Everyone deserves love.  Everyone is love.
You cannot take your bitterness with you or any separation that exists.  The Divine Presence within you sees no anger or separation, or criticism, or judgment or lack of forgiveness.  It does not matter what the barrier is or what the pain was that has been caused. It is an illusion of the duality that you are living in that is now going away.
Make peace and thank everyone for the experience and the lessons that were taught to you by them.  It is time to cleanse and to forgive.  Lack of forgiveness and a closed heart will not allow your light to be elevated that is needed to ascend.  But do not worry, you came here with the main purpose, and that is to ascend, and ascend you will, if this is your choice.
To do this, love the Divine Presence within you and accept that you are the Divine Presence.  When you do, the love will flow from your heart towards God and every step you take towards God, God takes two towards you.  Cry if you must as crying provides such a release.  Look within and you will find all the answers.  Remember that the mirror is so precise.
All is reflected back to you showing you the lessons that you still need to overcome.  It is only when the drama in your life stops that all your lessons are learned.  See the Divine in every person that you interact with, with every animal, with every tree.  All is Source Consciousness and all is love.  There is always an energy transmission with every interaction you have.  Interact with love and grace and compassion, humbleness and gratitude.
The person you are talking to is the Divine Presence as well.  Talk to them as if they are God and watch your life change as you will then have your heaven on earth.
Andrew – Love

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