John Ward – Why The Meter’s Ticking Over At Tim Yeo Taxis – 16 January 2014

yeocakefireTim Yeo is being destroyed by the markets and his local Party, not by Parliament and the Law.

A Defra report in May 2013 (following testing of 10,000 London Taxis by the Environmental Research Group at Kings) showed that almost deselected MP Tim Yeo’s taxis were creating MORE Nitrogen Dioxide than the older cabs he wanted to replace. With a lot of help from his equally bent chum Mayor Jobdone, however, Tim got the contract….but now things aren’t turning out so well.

Over the last month, he has seen his shares in Eco City Vehicles crash by 25%. Mind you, not without reason: some major technical issues (like the failure of the rear wheel steering) have given investors the heebie-jeebies, while a good dollop of healthy free-market competition has emerged in the shape of Nissan, whose unleaded version of a London Taxi which has been approved by Transport for London, and is, at around £30k, cheaper than the Timmytaxi.

It also has much cleaner emissions than the Yeodorakis Taxis, but then that’s not hard. And in another blow, the launch of the Frazier Nash Metrocab, an extended range electric taxi, will provide yet another option to drivers who were forced to buy Yeo’s taxi following the London Taxi Age Limit which he himself initiated, and Mayor Borisconi signed off with relish.

So there you are, the market has decided, and has told Timothy Yeo MP to f**k off.

Much the same sort of thing seems to be happening over in Suffolk, where the local Conservative Party has somewhat strenuously asked Mr Yeo to drive off into the sunset, but the MP’s fingernails are clinging to the door jamb…especially since George ‘Charlie’ Osborne and Michael ‘Uncontrollable’ Gove have penned letters in his defence. That may sound like an impossible task, but then once you’ve written in defence of Rupert Murdoch and Bob Diamond, everything else is a breeze really.

Sadly, as is his way, Tim Yeo has been cheating via attempts at bribery campaigning unfairly while trying to nullify his deselection. So he is about to run out of road, time, luck and money.

However, a few scudding, dark clouds remain in the sky above this otherwise improving landscape.The Commons misbehaviour guardians knew perfectly well that Tim was at one and the same time Chairman of Ye Olde Smokey Hackney Cabs Inc and the Environmental Audit Committee. If that isn’t a conflict of interest, then it must be a toilet-roll cosy. Then Yeo was caught on camera saying he told witnesses to the EAC “what to say” to shift things in his direction. If that wasn’t corruption in office, perhaps it might be a slip of the tongue, said his MP mates…and found him Not Guilty. And when Defra politely pointed out to his mate the Mayor that his taxi emissions were, um, not good enough – and the old taxis were better – Boris ignored the data, and so licensed London cab drivers were forced by this dynamic duo to shell out life-changing money in order to buy Timothy’s patented mobile nitrogen oxide machines.

Will the Mayor be brought to book about this? No. Will Tim Yeo stand trial for trying to defraud the London taxpayer? No. Will the cab drivers who bought new cabs needlessly be reimbursed? No. Will they bring a private action against these two? I hope so….but I wouldn’t hold out much hope of justice.

“I want to make London a more business-friendly City”. (Boris Johnson, reelection manifesto)

“I want business to have a more level playing field in Britain”. (David Cameron, Party Conference 2011)

“There are business practices that are irresponsible, and we will deal with them with a regulatory system that works.” (George Osborne, Party Conference)

That’s enough about business, lads. What about us? link to original article


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