RemovingTheShackles – Transparency: IRS Has Rules…. Do YOU Know Them? – 16 January 2014

0e358-removing-the-shacklesBig Thank You to Justin for bringing this to my attention- more and more transparency being brought forward and made public!

Whether or not they like it, the IRS HAS to follow their own rules- just as every other perceived “government” and “agency” and corporation must do.  But, they get away with NOT following their rules when people are not made aware that these rules exist.  The first defense of your Rights is the kNOWledge of the RULEs.  …..

…. Those who kNOW the “rules”, RULE.

I would suggest that anyone currently battling with the IRS download this document and review it carefully.

I have embedded the original document below the article.


This is copied from our Research Room:

The Statutory ‘Election’ to Pay the Income Tax


Read the full story at : / link to original article

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