Sophia Love – Update 16th January – 16 January 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

I need to remind You Good Friends, we are here to Change the World, this is our priority one right now.

To do it, the best we can do, to aid each other is by spreading energy technology designs and information about ETs presence all over this World, this just may save someone’s life in the World, or for example in english speaking countries like U.S., U.K. or Australia. We see there are People right now that are on a brink of suicide, because they don’t know what to do and where to go, how to continue on..

We are aiding them, yet with Your help we can do it better. We can also bring the Change faster and prevent many unnecessary deaths all over the World. Every piece of Knowledge will be known once this World will be changed from non-transparent and isolated to transparent and United. Remember this.

I of course will give You what we know to answer all the questions You have in Your mind Good Friends:

as we know Edward Snowden didn’t tell information about “aliens” of any sort. But what You tell is truth in our knowledge Good Friend. There are beings that rule over illuminati order, illuminati are calling them “fallen angels under fallen archangel Lucifer”. This is the inner contact where “beings of purity” are rarely revealing their almost true form, this is a very bright form which when completely unrestricted can burn people and surroundings. Illuminati were given orders and instructions rarely by these beings, but most of the time through archons – reptilians.

And there was also an outer contact with U.S. military, right after Roswell accident. As the craft of small insectoid type gray aliens was shot down as we know. This outer contact brought new technologies and grays allowed to leave the downed craft and bodies of their fellow brethren, because Humans were persistent. And in return, military allowed Human abductions to commit genetic experiments and were helping these gray beings in that matter.

Since those times, these abductions had ceased, because Galactic Federation of Light requested to stop these abductions made by gray civilization and by others that were using this allowed “momentum”.

These “fallen angels” were in control of elite occult societies since beginning of USA and USA was meant to become as it is today, but they also wanted to unite the World under one of two conditions.

If there will be a lot of “loyal” to demiurge beings, there will be scenario 2, where world is united and “first contact” is made.

If majority will become more “atheists” than “loyal” then scenario 1 (apocalypse) would have been implemented.

Right now the situation on the world is that, this is mixed and they are disallowed to perform scenario 1. More likely was scenario 2 and all the “fruits” that were seeded are ready. These “fruits” are Human beings that can bring skia – Control over Creation to demiurge.

We GEs can make all the things to make Control over Creation possible, to create and uncreate and if we can, then others like we are can do this as well. This is how was found out about this by Forces of One and Order of One was given to stop it. Yet One knew it all along, like we know:)

About Ancient Machines, no, nothing can be asked and they won’t give any response. You can “ping” them all the time, but they won’t respond. They are “cold-blooded” and merciless, non-compassionate and non-loving, but what can You expect from programmed machines? These machines are designed for heavy duty performance. They are machines, like Your car is. They will do anything what is ordered without any “error”. But there is a distinctive feature within them, they are very kind and obedient when within Forces of One and with GEs.


About inviting demiurge into Your life, yes some groups are specifically inviting demiurge and it’s manipulation into their lives, but again, when You know about this imposter god and basic concept of Universe that it is One, demiurge can’t get into Your life, if You are not allowing it into, and this of course making it more angry. But it can get as angry as it wants, it don’t dare to break the rule of Free Will and Free Choice.

To answer to Good Friends’ questions about World not changing even if majority wants this change, the problem with World still not changing is because even if We want it to be changed ethereally/spiritually by using Free Will, we still need it to synchronize/cooperate it with physical reality, remember about concept of Harmony. Most of the channelers are never telling this to You. But if You need something to be done, You need to take actions physically as well, this is a known knowledge.

The problem also persists because majority still “accepts” this system by using money, oil and being obedient by whole corrupted government structure. Like I recalled it, the best we can do right now is to spread the knowledge about fuel-independent energy technologies and ETs presence and also of course through Meditations and Free Will. The Change will come, and right now we can increase the speed of it’s arrival.

Remember about today’s Full Moon and Jupiter’s opposition. Although these two objects are demiurge’s, it don’t dare to break the Free Will and so We can ask it to cease all this experiment and let Humanity go, sooner or later, one way or another, it will have to accept it, there is no escape for this. We can use this moment!

This song will aid You!
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Much Peace and Love to You!


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