John Ward – What Connects Paedophilia, TEPCO, Bankers, Osborne, Gove, Yeo And Johnson? – 17 January 2014

bigvnvbyellowA building story of bullying

While Plod and the legal system were busy crushing a butterfly DJ clown on the wheel over the last few days, a gent called Gordon Anglesea – a former police inspector closely involved with Sea Scouts, boys clubs and Welsh care homes – was at last arrested and charged with multiple paedophiliac abuse of boys aged between 8 and 14.

I don’t excuse Dave Lee Travis, but he is, I know, a broken man who on the whole meant no harm in an age when groping tits was seen as a birrov a laff like. He is a victim, a pawn, in a bigger scheme where the evil being done is far greater than DLT could ever have envisaged…because he’s not the sharpest card in the pack. Some girlies think that sort of crap is funny, most don’t. Fine. But to ruin his life for a bigger adenda? That, my friends, is bullying.

As indeed is taking advantage of vulnerable Care Home boys for many years. As indeed are the Masons. As indeed is hiding behind one’s police uniform. Huge hat-tip to the usual balanced, professional coverage of the Anglesea  arrest from Rebecca Television. The connection between Gordon Anglesea’s Wrexham based career and the infamous paedophile Jimmie McAlpine may well be worth following up. One wonders if the genuinely wronged Lord Alistair McAlpine knew of it; perhaps Radio Four should ask him.

And there seems no end to the braindead bullying of Tepco. The operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant is demanding that the families of employees return compensation paid to them for being forced to evacuate from their neighborhoods following the nuclear disaster, sources close to the case allege. So far, Toxico has used gangsters to recruit cheap labour below the minimum wage, lied from Day One about the danger, caused the irradiation of 75 innocent US sailors there to help out, and killed upwards of 7,000 people.

But you see, they have to do these things to repair their balance sheets. For the shareholders, you see. Because they are vitally important.

And the same goes for all those Libor cheats like Michael Fallon Bob Diamond, and SME rapists such as Stephen Hester, and drug money washerwomen like Baron Green HSBC, and dark speed-of-light pool bottom-feeders like Goldman Sachs….they muscled the ordinary investor out of the way years ago, and then bullied them when they’d responded to hardsell by borrowing too much. Now they simply rig every market from currencies and bonds to interest rates and stocks.

When I first began alleging gold price manipulation in 2006, boy was I out on a moon of Saturn. Boy was I ever nuts. And boy was I (and thousands of others) right: Elke Koenig, the president of Germany’s top financial regulator, Bafin, says that the level and frequency of manipulation of precious metals “is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal.” Nice to have the vindication, shame about all those people who lost money saving the lying bastards who caused the mess in the first place. Bullies, every last one.

Rather like those aptly named Bullingdon Boys, most of whom think Taxis Yeodorakis is a fine man, but have had to shut up again because Camerlot Central has ordered all those involved in the South Suffolk Selection Shebang not to campaign directly with local members, like what Taxis did. So being the chap he is, Yeodorakis has done it again. I think somebody from the LibDems should accuse him of being Out of Control. Like his mates George Osborne and Michael Gove, both of whom wrote vomit-inducing supportive letters for Yeo…and Boris Johnson, who signed him up for taxis that didn’t work terribly well. Together, they bullied small independent taxi drivers into buying crap taxis they didn’t need. Bullyboys are us.

I continue to maintain that my theory of the psychographic connection between power, uniforms, control and paedophilia is a real one, in that the common link is bullying.

I’m keen to make this slot a regular feature at The Slog, so those with case histories are welcome to send me any they think relevant.\ /link to original article


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