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It seems to me like I have been on a very long voyage that began in earnest in 2012 and I am just now returning back to port from my explorations. In some ways it feels like I have come full circle. I started out with a desire and a mission and as I head back into the harbor I am returning to the same mission, only with a whole new perspective of it now. The basics remain the same, how I view them is vastly different. Take the main theme of my mission for example. I started off learning to eliminate fear from my life so I could progress forward on my path, but now as I return to port, I see the goal of eliminating fear from a much greater global perspective. I now understand how fear holds humanity back and if we wish to make true change in the world we must amass in large enough numbers to ‘hold’ that change in place to keep it from falling back into the old paradigm. We didn’t need the mass numbers to MAKE this change, only a few need do that, but rather to HOLD it in place and cement it into the foundation of the new world. Living without fear always must become a way of life.

As I sailed along I learned new bits and pieces of information and secured them into my memory banks. Part of the challenge was being willing to give up old ideas to allow new ones to come in to further my cause and not get caught up in the ego struggles of not wanting to change. I dove head first into the flow and allowed it to sweep me along to wherever I needed to go in this process. I remained open in heart and mind to be able to adapt to whatever direction a wave pushed me along.  I see now the importance of aiding humanity by holding fear at bay in greater and greater numbers so we are able to create a positive new world and not one we think is new but in fact is still being held hostage by fear hidden beneath the surface. It is now my goal and hopefully for many, to live without fear in my heart always and most importantly, to remain that way, strong and secure within.

I see now that part of my holding fear at bay is owning the powerful ability of discernment, knowing when I am being lied to and when I am being offered the truth. Without this ability, I saw on my journey how I bounced back and forth between concepts that were being put forth. Should I believe them? Is this the direction I was meant to be going in? Is this the truth? In essence I had to make split second decisions and because of this I had to learn quickly how to listen to my heart and gut and think with my heart not my head. I learned when things felt right and when they just felt off because I wasn’t balancing my heart and mind. I learned how to begin to master this skill as I sailed along through the turbulent waters of raising my consciousness. I tucked it safely away in my pouch of survival skills.

So I am back, tied up at the landing, gathering up my belongings and getting ready to disembark from this journey. My mission, in my opinion, is still one of helping others see through this ‘rule by fear’ that has held the world hostage forever. If we no longer buy into it, we cannot be held captive! This is the message that has become my mantra, and hopefully becomes everyone’s mantra. If we have no fear and have learned how to successfully discern between truth and lies, we can navigate this corrupt world with skill and will be able to offer the world the greatest help we can give. This is the skill that gave me my freedom and power back. To be awake and aware of my skills is enlightening and to become enlightened is to grow strong and maintain purpose, and that purpose for me is to help free humanity. I hope you make it your mission as well to see through the fear being heaped on our world by those who wish to control us and let the truth shine forth.

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