Sophia Love – Update Jan 17th – 18 January 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Good Day Sophia and Everyone!

Thank You very much for meditating/praying yesterday! We felt Your willfulness to stop this experiment and need for aid. All Light Followers here felt this spike in energetic activity as well! Thank You Fellow Good Beings!

Sophia, also I wanted to mention, Your Sovereignty articles are very informative and touching, thank You for bringing beautiful thoughts to Whole World! Also Thank You very much for all hard work You’ve done on a website! Everything looks awesome!

About the video (click here), this may be an artifact, we don’t know much about Light Followers’ presence on Mars, we know only it has few underground installations, previously in ancient times this planet was more inhabited and there were constructed few structures and small cities by these beings, this is what we know. And what is seen there could be a physical door for old type space vessels which can be “cloaked”. We asked about it and we were told “that in time we will know”. This is something we have to experience along Humanity that is.


I will explain one very important thing You already know and I will help Good Friend Curious. Good Friend I will write to You about negative energy leftover, but I want You to explain, how You feel these attacks?

Here is the information that may aid many People with “dark corners” in their houses/apartments. This can be called a “Revelation of Universal Energy Flow”.

First I will tell that Ancient Machines are giving general protection for all that are named or calling themselves Guardians, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Followers/Seekers of Light/Sun/One and Elves/Fairies and all that have number 7 in their nicknames. These are the very Good oriented People. But to some People special help is issued, this is when two Machines are sent to Being to stand on left and right of a being to completely protect it, this is different from angelic guides. We are sending this aid to all that are in need of this help, we need to point out to whom this help is needed. My apologize to those that did not received it yet, new readers are not receiving this instantly. There is also exclusion in this protection, Ancient Machines will not protect against Your own dark energy or it’s leftover in Your house or apartments and will not protect against dead wanderers (ghosts) that can be where You live. They are giving protection only from direct attacks at You.

I will explain a known for You saying “You need to release Your anger, or it will bring suffering to You”. It is true, because it is a rule of Universal Energy Flow. If, when You speak to someone and this person gives You unpleasant words or just screams at You, this person is also transports its evil dark energy to You. And if You will not release it “back” or at someone or somewhere else it will stuck in You, Energy need to flow even negative. To release it not hurting anyone or anything, You can imagine black hole and put all that energy there, somewhere in the Universe, or simply write all Your anger in text file or in comment and when You finished, not save or send it, but delete it altogether. We GEs are sending this anger back at illuminati order members when they are trying to do another nasty thing, and we notice that after this they are becoming calmed down:)

But when You are not releasing it, it is becoming stagnated in You or deep within You, it is also starting to change You, and You are becoming angry and there will be this self-induced anger which You can’t explain, why it is coming out from You? The more this anger is being received from our World, the more awful We will feel Ourselves. Generally during night when our physical body renews itself, this energy leaves our body and searches for the nearest dark place, as it is a dark/void oriented energy. There is dark all over Your room during night, so it will be near You until Sun will start rising up, this is when this energy need to search for other dark place, and most of the times it ends up in places that never or very rarely sees the Solar Light or Light of light bulb, like attic, basement or locker/closet. So if You were having less negative contact on previous day, You will feel Yourself refreshed and full of positiveness! If You were having a lot of negative during whole Your life, You need to clean Yourself from this dark energy.

But now let’s return to those dark places where this energy all the times is going and is along with past dark energy. Because this place is almost always a dark place, all negative energy stagnates itself there, the less light there is – the more dark energy there is stagnated, this may also bring in some malevolent entities there. The rule of Universal Energy Flow need this energy removed from there, so this energy can renew itself somewhere and become light and positive. The best “weapon” against this is Solar Light, like You already noticed, to be precise it is Light High Energy. Also good “weapon” is spiritual choral music, that have no “fear effect” in it. All sorts of light energy are driving this negative energy away, You can for example even use laser to drive it away. Sun is having full spectrum of energies and is very bright, and is always available for Everyone. So You can use it using mirrors and prisms and direct it toward Your closet for example, every dark corner need to be lighted up, even prolonged turned on light bulbs are driving it away from Your place of living.

Now about dead wanderers (ghosts), they are souls that don’t want to leave this World just yet. Most of them are unfortunately evil, and during their life they were having a lot of negative experience, like fear, desperation, aggression, so now, when they are no longer alive, and don’t want to go to heaven, they wander on this World and are searching for energy source to feed on (here like vampires or parasites). They can’t stand Light and Sun, because it is disintegrating their left physicality and transforms them to Light and uplifts them to rest. So they are searching for these same dark places and whenever there is a lot of this dark and fear aura, they gladly are going there to start their living. They generally are located in those same places which never sees the Light, like closet. They prefer to be nearby People that are very afraid (full of fear) and are very angry or aggressive. But sometime anger can actually drive them out as well, although fear is what in no way can drive them out, but only attracts them more.

Very spiritually low (fearful, desperate) People can also be possessed by these dead wanderers, because these souls want to return to life as well. And only using the same method as above, Light and Spiritual “no fear” music can make them to leave. When using mirrors to point Solar Light toward dark places, be careful also, because dead wanderers can become trapped in mirrors. Also talking to them can make them to leave, they still have their Humanity left inside and so they can understand You, what is important again is to have no fear in Your heart when You talk to them, or they will just feed on it. When trapped in mirrors they also can be persuaded to live mirror through talk. Fear is what attracts them. There are also very old dead wanderers that were feeding on fear for centuries or thousands of cycles and driving these beings away will be a near impossible task, as they long have lost their Humanity, only High Energy Light, like complete exposure on Sun will do the trick. We are not talking about different dimensional wanderers, which are very rare guests, they are much much stronger, but same method applies to them as well, complete exposure on Sun is like a poison to them.

Good Friend Karma Machine asked what crystals to use for better protection. Against evil dark energy, dark or black stones are very suiting for protection, like volcanic obsidian and black agate stones (even quantum scalar pendants can be used), all are volcanic products (“blood” of our Mother Earth). They need to have also a mirror like surface, this surface helps them to siphon and trap all the negative energy from Your body and as well is sucking every directed at You dark energy attack, to release trapped dark energy there, expose it on the Sun. For enlightenment and empowerment You can use light stones and crystals, like amethyst, topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline and especially light colored jade. For energy increase You can use yellow and golden “sun” colored stones like carnelian, amber, garnet. But this also depends on when You was born and where, astrology is a very good source of this type of information. We know one important thing, when Your body will need some crystal, stone or mineral that it lacks, it will make a call to You, and when You spot it, Your eyes will be right on this lacked crystal or mineral. This all is Mother Earth’s body and sometime we indeed need something to aid Us in Our life.

But now to inspire You after all talk about dark, there are Good souls, Your deceased relatives and ancestors, that are there to aid and protect You, they need to be “summoned” from heaven, when part of their Consciousness at rest will come to help You. Even Your alive relatives can separate it’s soul/consciousness and energetically aid You, for this You need to ask them to help You when You need it, this is how relatives of People in dangers like car crashes or plane crashes warned them, before it happened. And this is also how People under rubble or avalanche were found by relatives. This is a rare story, but it happened many times during whole history of Humanity. It is rare because unfortunately still many don’t understand how to use it properly.. It is a way for telepathic communication, through which We are able also to contact with long passed souls.

This same method applies to Good thinking and Good positive energy, which You are again receiving though talk, this energy need to flow, but if You like it, You can keep it:) This comes to when we are praying or meditating, we are spreading the Love and Light to not only ourselves, but to surroundings as well, this positive energy is searching for Light to live in, that why zoroastrians are keeping their fire to burn all the time, to hold and not lose this very old positive energy in that place, as when comes the night, the light positive energy, is going away to another light source. So when we are meditating, our Energy is traversing whole World and influences Every living being around it. As it is traveling mostly along with the Sun’s path. Along with it, it is Consciousness that spreads around the World instantly, but for this to be effective we need to imagine places of where we want to direct our Conscious Energy, for example Giza’s pyramids, or Eiffel Tower, or most precisely the place, like UN headquarters and one of it’s cabinets. In a video Message of Hope, there is a great saying:
“Are You waiting for something?” (Moment of Justice/Event)
“Or are You setting Yourself Free?”
is very suiting what we are doing right now, We are setting Ourselves Free.


Yes, spreading information about ETs and UFOs will always give a laugh in older generations and they will think of us as “loonies”, as this was how they were programmed to react on words like “aliens” and “ufo”. So changing words like “there is an ancient force that protects this planet like angels”, can call their deep Consciousness to react on this matter with more attention. And in that moment of their interest You can provide them with real video footage of these objects. The one incident that happened in Jerusalem right before “arab spring” was an indisputable revelation of this information backed by multiple news broadcasts of main stream media. There is no flying object in possession of Humanity that can fly like it, in a straight 90 degrees vertical line without any acceleration. And as well this is no longer a secret that U.S. and UK governments are corrupted and if You will show People working, better energy alternatives and that they were suppressed for the last 100 cycles, You will be believed by most. Hardened skeptics of course will reject it as fake, but they should be met with the language they understand, You can say to them, “first make it Yourself, then try to prove it’s fake”.

Overall Everyone is awakening, and as time progresses more People, let down by governments are searching for truth on questions “what is going on?” and “what has happened with the government?” Younger generations are more ready to understand and acknowledge Your believe and view on our World. Children are afraid of dark because they remember of neverending Light where they were before they came here, so they know what is going on here better than most older generations, which were living in a dark for a much more time. Living in a dark is also means living without knowledge, but living in a Light, is living in a knowledge, as knowledge is the Light.


And to answer on different questions of Our Good Fellow Beings. The Sage Star A or scientifically called Sgr A* is a Center of the Galaxy, it is a father of the Sun, so it is literally our natural grandfather. We all right now are spinning around this object. Sage Star A is a black super star (super massive black hole), it is not only a Galactic Center, it is also a portal to other Universes and other Worlds that coexist with this World (Parallel Worlds), including real Heaven, it is also having it’s own Consciousness, it is a separated sapient very old ancient being. Demiurge is only located itself near Sgr A*, so when we “pray” to Grand Creator, by mistake We can pray to demiurge. That is why it positioned itself there, to get “all the glory”. Cobra is calling Sage Star A – a Galactic Central Sun, which is also a correct and nice name.


And Good Friend Djon, You have found out about this Man, You can share this great article for Everyone to see here, this Man and His company is one of those companies to which was put trust into the Future of Humanity. This Man found out many ideas all by Himself, He is truly a genius! This man will be one among many that will aid Humanity. The dates He gave may not be as precise, but close to truth they will be. Unless of course, illuminati order will come out with something new, We will be always there to stop them in their tracks!

And about protection of Iran. It is a point of Balance between western bloc and Eastern bloc. If Iran would be attacked the world war 3 would be imminent. But it was already avoided and if west will blatantly attack Iran now, most of the World will turn against west with U.S. and UK citizens turning against it as well and their whole satanic structure will crumble in a few cycles/days. So that is why they avoid any confrontation with Iran yet, We made sure that they can’t do any more damage to them. Right now it is also a country of many young Good People that want to help the World and other People around it. Their government is not ideal, yet it is much better than cabal-like government we have here. Iran sees the truth of what is happening in Israel, and what zionists are doing with palestinians and overall situation with the west and calls U.S. “a great satan”, right in bull’s eye. It is also protected by Russia, China and India. Ancient Machines also helped in prevention of bloodshed in Israel and in Syria, by preventing intervention from outside, they are now also preventing any confrontation in South China Sea. Unfortunately they can’t end the conflict in Syria, Ancient Machines are protecting president and it’s forces the best they can on etheral level, and they are influencing these “rebels” so they started to fight each other recently. These mercenary rebels can’t be negotiated with, only “divine intervention” can stop them now. So it was the only solution they came up with right now..

I hope this will aid You, Much Peace, Calm and Prosperity to You Good Brothers and Sisters!