Lisa Gawlas – Master Builders, Divinely Creating 2:22 – 19 January 2014

(Lucas : lisagawlas2I want to give a short view of mine on the term that is used by lots DIVINE and Divines. Divine is godlike and the Divines are those that think to be themselves gods standing in between us, humanity and GOD, source.  Divine in it self we are all. We are as humans expressions of source in the image of GOD. We are not though having as humans standing in between us and god another being or beings or manifestation that pretends to be our god or custodian. We all are equal in this universe and all that states different is a belief, a conditioning and mind controlled image of you that is keeping the illusion of being lower in class, lower in being or hierarchy in tact.  None of it is true. Whatever image of angels, et, divines, elohim, you have none that are more or greater than you in any way.  The belief in and giving power to thoughts  that keep hierarchy and control happening is what you can change to free you from alleged control and powers over you as you have the power within. That power within is connected from heart to source, GOD.  No group, human, teacher, guru, priest or alleged gods are needed to give you something back or teach you something that you always have had in the first place and can not be taken away from you. )

I want to start this sharing today with the energy of numbers, well, one particular number set that had stalked me while I was in the last days of being in Virginia, right thru my immediate transition back home to New Mexico.  222

It has been my experience, in my life path, that when something consistently shows up for you over and over and over again, it is because I/You/We have not really gotten the message of the “something.”  Once we do get it, it ceases to present itself, at least so insistently, except as occasional reminders along the way.

When something I do not understand presents itself within my life, I will seek all avenues of understanding until I am hit in the gut with that feeling that says…. THIS IS IT!!  Often times tho, I search harder for you than I do for myself.

So it wasn’t too surprising that this past week, the only day I did any readings, I had my real life architect on this new stage of life in a reading, with two (real) pending projects he was asking about, and both emitted the number 22 in my field of vision as he was asking about them.  I suddenly remembered my Kryon (as channeled by Lee Carroll) book 12: The Twelve Layers of DNA and his little section on numbers.  Maybe I love him (Kryon) so much with understanding the numbers is because he keeps it simple, yet pointed and I am always filled with that element of truth in my gut.

In Kryons number section of the above mentioned book he notes something really important for us to understand about “master numbers,” and I will just type the excerpt from his book (page 87)


Eleven (11): Illumination  

Twenty Two (22): Master Builder – Cosmic Law

Thirty Three (33): Christ Energy (Christ as a title, not a name.)

(44) thru (99) has not been given, since we don’t have the understanding yet of these more quantum master numbers.

FINALLY, something that fills me with such truth and understanding, unlike the many many websites I had read about any triple number meanings.  If we have not yet harnessed the full energy of double master numbers, then we are surely still downloading and creating the energy around triple set master numbers.  So then, how can we interpret triples?  It suddenly became easy (for me.)

Take the single meaning that is available to us and house it with the mastered meaning, at least, the meanings that are available to us.  So lets take that (no longer haunting me) number set of 222.  Again, I am applying Kryons simplicity to the number energy:

Two (2)- This is the Duality number.  Human vs Divine – Polarity!  He goes on to say: “Two is a number that I have always looked at as difficult, for duality is difficult.  But what if it were about mastery of it?  It goes both ways!”

Considering my architect IS a true master builder, re-creator in his life, this whole thing hit my AH-HA button like a ton of bricks falling in.  But of course…

So here we are, truly the master builders of the new world of heaven on earth.  But what does that even mean to us?  We humans are really creatures of habit and our greatest tendency is to take what we had known and start to build from there.  In which case, we are actually building the old over the new, which has to collapse to give you (us) the chance to start again.

Human vs Divine.  Now let that really really sink in.  The human is birthed into polarity.  Polarity is what we remember, even if our mouth wants to say no I dropped that some time ago… all you have to do is take a look at your approach to life to really know the truth of it at any given moment.

The Divine has no limitations, no cause to worry about something being “bad” for him or her.  To get to here, so many of us had to break free of our limited, if not extremely judgmental religious foundations.  But then, a lot of folks built new religions, that may not immediately holler religion… but on facebook, I am noticing more and more and more “signs” of lets say, Diets (food is a weird thing here on earth.)  The vegan movement, the vegetarian movement, the supplement movement.  All saying it is “better for you because…”  well, ain’t that just a wee bit judgmental.  Polarity at its finest.

Then of course, we have the “holistic” movement, especially within our medicine field.

And because we, at the core of our Being, so desperately want to be in alignment with our own greater good, we stopped listening (again) to the only thing that knows what is absolutely best for us.  Our bodies and our hearts.

In this new earth, our job as master builders is not to set something above the other, but to allow for all good in all things.  And there truly is amazing good in ALL things.  True balance.  An honoring of all things.  Each and every thing that is here on earth, no matter it’s guise, is of spirit.  EVERYTHING!!

So we are here, building in full energy of “cosmic law.”  The only comic law I am aware of is the law of karma, what you put out is what you get back.  Not even the most well trained in the fields of matter, ascended masters, could break this law.  EVER.

If you put out fear of any kind, then by the cosmic law, you must bring that energy back to you so you can choose again.  Take something so huge on our planet right now, GMO’s.  The hate, the anger that goes into that creation, that people are eating and will continue to eat, often times, unknowingly…

Imagine changing the energy to, I honor the place in which this was invented, but it is not for me.  I will pass on any GMO’s going into my system, at least, knowingly.

We allow things to grow and thrive BECAUSE of the energy we give it, even if it is hate and anger energy.  We strengthen the creation of anything with what we say, what we put out.  Only you and I see it this energy as good or bad, positive or negative.

Somewhere along the way, we have stopped trusting our biology and the Divine that is our biology.  Even the creators of our world, whether we personally like their creation or not, should be given the love and awe of creating something completely new, from the old.

That is what we are doing now anywayz…. but, without limitations and restrictions.  Using our full on power of love to change it all.

Master Builders, Divinely creating.

On my way into sleep last evening, I thought about the “bird tribes” and what does that really mean to us.  Who and what are the bird tribes.  Yes, there is a lot of mythology around the what and in some pockets, even the who… but what does that really mean to us, especially if we are that.

The answer came both as I fell asleep and well, during sleep.

What we now call, Angels.  Of course, we changed the look of the many creatures, the winged ones of our ancient past and put human faces on just about all of them (save the Indians, who still honor the truth of the winged ones… at least, most of them do.)  We have not only changed the ones we call the thunder beings and gave them human guise with wings, we assigned various qualities to them and named them too.

Imagine a creature so unlike your self, coming out of the skies to assist in your evolution of Self understanding… so wise, so gentle, so magical.  Each with a helping hand in their own area’s of mastery.

Bird like creatures of other universes that were also very good at shape shifting as well.  To change form at will, put on a human guise and assist without terrifying those they are assisting.

And many of our ancestors, many of US, who listened to these winged ones with an open heart and captivated mind, grew our own wings.  Not without discomfort or physical pain involved.  One cannot go thru the fires of change and rebirth themselves entirely without discomfort, for that is the plane of duality.  Pleasure and pain, bed partners.  Don’t believe me, ask any mother who (naturally) birthed a child.

And the lure of the Phoenix was born.  That mythological bird who went thru the cleansing fires and emerging anew as the ashes of yesterday become fertilizer for the new earth, a distinct footprint in the ground of what no longer serves us Here, Now.

It was not as mythological as we like to believe.  Transformation in its fullest!  New form, new heart, new way of Being in Life.  Exactly where we are at now!!  The winged ones, the wise ones, in new form, in new heart streams.

You/We now have the freedom to soar to great new heights, that just yesterday, was kept out of our reach (because of our limited vibrations.)

The God Codes are firing as we take each new, expanded, yet concentrated breath in our own, mass resurrection into Life.  Into Heaven on/with Earth.  Be sure you have not caged/tethered yourself into the old world of limitations and polarity, in thought, deed or heart stream.

(((HUGZ)))) of unconditional, unrestricted love to ALL!!

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