Lucas – The Building Of Treadmills – Go Your Own Inner Path Of Ascension – 19 January 2014

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By Julie Lindsay , Flickr

The energies that have come into our existence not long ago are now pulling heavily in people’s lives.  It will stir up some huge forgotten issues, test your steadiness in you holding the new field strength you have or had built.  It is up to you again to lose it or to keep it neutral.

The male and female energies are strongly drawn into action and reaction.  In woman we see often a lot of extremes that go from over stating the female part or in overstating the male part in themselves. It goes from butchy, I show the men who I am and teach them or by going into extreme female submission to the male. The men are going through similar issues in balancing their male and female parts. As both parts of male and female energies are represented in the male and in the female body.

It is also about choosing the power within that is your heart-source connection and going into still diversions of so-called mindcontrolled believing to be in your power sort of stuff.  It is that what we see in unnecessary creations of getting rid of (soul)contractual obligations that would allegedly keep you bound to some”thing”.  The only thing that binds you to anything is your belief in being bound and not free.

If you KNOW not to be bound to anything ever you will not be. If you “think”are made to “belief”you need to be bound you will create exactly that what you ask for you will find everything something you will need to be unbound from and you go deeper and deeper in the self-created treadmill of manifestation.

If you know to have power within and all the knowledge and tools to bring you up to scratch with your own path of elevation you need no one to tell you your power is to learned in a certain way of to be only available if you do it their way.  It is the same that build again treadmills to keep you in check as you gave your power away to a thought or belief that somebody or some”thing” was conditioning you to.

Building treadmills  is easy to get into but not easy to get out to as the conditioning you yourself did or have allowed others to do is needed to be unconditioned.  For all our lives her we have been in that conditioning and letting go and getting out of the matrix that was the illusion.

Get to know that your power is always within even when you get wandering of your path for a while in the easy trap of a treadmill going round and round till you choose to get out of it again. The volatile state of you all and the extremes are now shown big time. It manifests all over.

If you get observing you will see it and if you don’t maybe you are still in a treadmill of some kind. Just know you have always the free will of leaving things behind and going your own path again after that little detour.  Make sure you are going your path and not that of others that need to have their experience. themselve alone.

In all of this there is only the path of individuals that will come to the same finish line together to step together  over that line and cross into the new. We are now searching for the new and trying to build the new and we are experimenting in being our new multidimensional expressions in the now. We will make it work eventually for all as that is what we came to do here.

So know to be going your own inner path of ascension. We all are on our own paths with sometimes diversions. Know all just to be lessons and tests in going only to be following your own path and your inner heart-source power strenght. Be and be your greatness within that is your power, your creational field, it is your individual expression of source that you always will be.

Love and Light,


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