Sophia Love – Newest Update – 20 January 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Good Day Sophia!

About orbs, those orbs are “mini souls” called “fireballs” here, You will better understand them if we will call them as “probes”, they are observing Earth, create crop circles, sometime give advices to People that are in need of idea, which is in their mind, yet “these People can’t get it out”, they are helping to get it out.They are conscious beings, can shift between dimensional planes, move at ultrasonic speeds and can make imaginations for People, they are calling themselves most of the time “Universal Love or Love of Universe”. They are making imagination based on Your belief and knowing of figures most important for You, for example Jesus, Saint Mary, Buddha.Here are these light orbs, they differ in size, most are 2x than basket ball. These orbs are very like Ancient Machines are, yet they are controlled through conscious connections of beings located inside complexes of this Planet, Moon etc
In these recent times they are seen all over the globe! If they are nearby You, then there is a point of interest to them somewhere near You, or maybe You are interested to them:)
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About the abductions, as we know these abductions had almost ceded. Galactic Federation of Light main body disallowed this, but some still are getting People for experiments and in this, is not included the wanderings of “Beings of Purity”, which are demiurge’s, these beings are checking Humanity from time to time on physical level.

In a video where woman is abducted is a known to us process of abduction (shifting, requires injected transmitter), yet I don’t think it is a real abduction, it could be a so called “magic trick”. It very looks like there was an opening through which woman disappeared and reappeared.

Yet the time of 3am, it is the time when People are abducted most of the time. 13 minutes is also an interesting time span. Most of Light Followers are not abducting for such a small period of time. But 13 is a number of Higher Order. By these signatures I can say that this was the abduction of “Beings of Purity”, as time in their reality moves slower than in this reality, but they are not abducting more than one time in our knowledge.


Also look at this video, it is a christian video. Remember january 16th and Full Moon with Jupiter’s opposition when We were meditating? On this same date the finger of Christ the Redeemer was struck by lightning and knocked off first time in it’s entirely history. Statue was stricken by lightnings many times, yet it only happened now. Also the reference in Bible considering this 16:14 and 14:16, is not without a reason (this was 01.16.2014), in this cycle these “coincidences” took place and as You know nothing happens without a reason, everything is interconnected
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The connection with religion is as always very strong, because there are half of Earth’s population still waiting for main prophecy to come true. It will not come true as it was written there, but partially it will without all that destruction.

One told me to ask Everyone, when You will be ready
“whether You want to see truth that may frighten You?”
It is a known information to You, yet not all are in complete knowledge of this. With word earthing mentioned, I saw that You are ready, as this pointed out to same information which One wanted to show You.

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