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POOF Ness – Susan& ZAP – Fly Like An Eagle – 21 January 2014

poofPOOFness for JAN 21: “Fly Like An Eagle”

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Date: Tuesday, 21-Jan-2014 16:12:00

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Hi, Folks –

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AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – A Song About This Heart – 21 January 2014

This heart is full of passion – about you and I – remembering, and this song is feeling more and more like a theme song for much of my (and many of your) good and passionate works in the world.

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Becoming Me: A Story Of Creation (www.becomingme.com) – 21 January 2014

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Lisa Gawlas – The Anointing Of The Garden Of Eden! – 21 January 2014

lisagawlas2I think this morning, more than any morning ever before this one, I sit at this computer filled with an overwhelming reverence that just seeps from my pores out to you.  The internal work you had to do, the struggles you have overcome, the intense bravery it has taken for you to dare to live a truth beyond the box of limitations.  Thru it all, Here you are.  In joy, in excitement, in Hope.

Especially thru these last two years in my life, You have taken up the role of parent, of sibling, of child, all within my world and together, we have grown ourSelf’s, shattered illusions together, celebrated and cried together. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – About The Trigger Word “Sustainable” – 21 January 2014

laura-of-the-rocksAfter yesterday’s post about the trigger word “entitlement,” someone asked me, “How is sustainable a trigger word? In that it implies the current way is not sustainable? I don’t quite understand it.” I have posted on Agenda 21 before, but some people either weren’t interested, didn’t read my blog then, or haven’t made the connection. I don’t think any of you are “dummies,” but the Agenda 21 For Dummies video [below] summarizes things quite well. As you watch, you’ll learn that “sustainable” became the less offensive code word for “Agenda 21,” another of those global control treaties signed in 1992, along with the dreaded Codex Alimentarius. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – ECB Fails To Sterilize Bond Purchases In 4th Failure Of Last 6 Attempts: Harbinger Of Upcoming Unsterilized QE? – 21 January 2014

ZeroHedgeThe last time we pointed out an ECB bond sterilization failure as part of its legacy SNP program was on December 30 of last year (the third in a row), when a liquidity glut led to the biggest sterilization shortfall, one amounting to €39 billion, when only 89 banks submit bids to absorb paper in exchange for a paltry tip. Moments ago, the ECB reported that in just the third such sterilization auction of the new year there was once again a failure to absorb all the €177.5 billion in outstanding toxic peripheral bonds, when an impressive 126 bidders showed up and yet were only able to generate only €152.1 billion in bids, leaving a €25 billion shortfall.

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Sophia Love – Video Series – Part 1 – 21 January 2014

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