AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – A Song About This Heart – 21 January 2014

This heart is full of passion – about you and I – remembering, and this song is feeling more and more like a theme song for much of my (and many of your) good and passionate works in the world.

If you like it, you may download it for free through my birthday (Sunday :) this month. My little birthday gift to you! And do me a favor? If you enjoy the music, please spread the word that I am here, and I have 3 albums of music for purchase on iTunes and other sites. (Search for Eileen Meyer) Or, you can purchase actual CDs directly from me on my website. I have to pay my aggregator, TuneCore, $160 a year to keep my music available on download sites. It’s crazy trying to be an artist in this world. I know many of you relate. We’re all doing the best we can in this in-between place.

Hey, the Facebook Page is humming along. So exciting to connect and share about “contact” in all forms. Consider joining us if you haven’t stumbled upon us yet! One of my latest posts about an upcoming piece that I’ll be sharing: “Next I will be editing my talk with Frank, from Texas. Seems that something HUGE blew his consciousness clean out of the framework of Christianity… and he didn’t see it coming.”

I also do sessions to assist people in recalling the Greater Heart Frequency, integrating it and BEing it now in the world. I have pragmatic tools that were given to me by some amazing teachers – both of the shamanic, physicalized variety, as well as teachings from the Gold Light Beings who came to wake me up and share with me – repeatedly – throughout my life, asking that I share and make myself available to you.

And finally, This Heart also wants to thank the kind souls who have given in donations to keep my passion of sharing Spirit in song and conversation alive. I deeply appreciate the energy and support that you add to my being. Thank you for employing me to create and do my little part in re-weaving us back into the GRACE that we are.

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