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Sophia Love – Sovereignty: Installment 14 – The Big Picture – 22 January 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Try to imagine what it would be like without rain; without snow; without thunderstorms, hurricanes and the like.  The force of nature and the balance of “good” and “bad” are integral parts of this planet – part of what makes up the whole.

We expect “weather” to follow a pattern according to the seasons and places where we live.  Each of these, weather and water, are unique to earth life in that they occur on a daily basis without any control from the beings living here; seemingly in random fashion.  Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Coming Out As A Contactee Series: Frank, On Spirit Transcending Religion – 22 January 2014

eileenmeyerSpirit arrived into Frank’s heart consciousness unexpectedly in church one day. Soon after, Frank left the church and never looked back. Spirit went with him. They’ve been building their relationship, and practicing Love in the world ever since. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Frank, and the ones that I am continuing to have with truly amazing and regular folk who are direct contactees of a Greater Love. It is my passion to help in broadcasting these important stories… about OUR evolution and awakening. Should you wish to explore more detail in Frank’s story, he has provided an expanded recollection of his story below. Continue reading

Lucas – The New Is The Most Exciting You Ever Will Encounter Every Moment Of The Now – 22 January 2014


New Discoveries

It is time to face reality and get back into balance. Are you able to step over your own shadows and really see, hear, listen and for most sense. You will be see  that humanity has enough awakened humans already and that all that is change is inevitable changing as  the base tone of our multiverse is not duality anymore but balanced duality that centers to one and unity.  Continue reading

Philosophyofmetrics – JC Collins – SDR’s And The New Bretton Woods – Part One – 22 January 2014


BRICS Inject Capital into I.M.F. Basket of Currencies

In my previous post I briefly explained how China was in the process of assuming the liabilities of the Federal Reserve, in addition to their already held liabilities of the U.S. Treasury.  Such a strong statement will require even stronger evidence.  This I will attempt to achieve over this multi-part essay. 

“The legislative process is underway right now. We want the reforms to be adopted expeditiously. It’s really the U.S. Treasury, Jack Lew and his team that’s taking the lead on getting these measures through the U.S. Congress that are required to implement the 2010 reforms.”

Read the full story at: www.philosophyofmetrics.com/ original article link  thanks to www.americankabuki.blogspot.com  for pointing the article out.

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Associated Press Caught ‘Restructuring’ Old EPA News To Mislead Readers; Mainstream Media Blindly Plays Along – 22 January 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Four days ago, the Associated Press reported that coal-fired power plants are dumping enormous quantities of pollutants into U.S. waterways. According to the Associated Press, the EPA says that coal-fired power plants are dumping nearly 2 million pounds of aluminum, 79,000 pounds of arsenic, 64,000 pounds of lead and even 2,820 pound of mercury each year into U.S. waterways.

This original story by the AP (dated January 18, 2014) was published, word-for-word, across the Denver Post, ABC News, the Washington Post, the San Jose Mercury News and even Salon.com. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Passion, Desire And The Energy Of Your Breath… Creating… Or Not! – 22 January 2014

lisagawlas2From here on out, as I refer to the new living world we have created for ourselves, I am going to refer to it as Eden.  I had the hardest time getting “new world” or even “new energy” off my tongue yesterday.  I realize it is so much more than that.  It is Here and real and we are alive within it.  The feeling with this desire too, it allows us to fully release the connection to the “old world,” which as I witnessed thru every reading yesterday, vitally important. To fully be present within the garden of Eden, we must choose to take our foot out of the old world energetics, all of it.  The energy system here is not even remotely the same. Continue reading

TheHuffingtonPost – This 3D Printer, Capable Of Building A House In A Day, Could Change Construction Forever – 22 January 2014

The Huffington Post

(Lucas : It seems after reporting on the 3D printer and printing revolution for some time mainstream media is also picking up on it. There is already so much more in development in some many other fields than building, just follow the alternative news on it.)

By Kathleen Miles

Imagine being able to lease a 3D printer to build your entire house.

The technology, called Contour Crafting, is already here and can build a 2,500-square-foot home in 20 hours.

Read the full story at: www.huffingtonpost.com/ link to original article

NaturalNews – L.J. Devon – European Union Parliament Decides Against Unleashing New GM Maize – 22 January 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Herbicides like glyphosate and their counterpart transgenic seeds are failing farmers and the entire agricultural infrastructure of the world. Superweeds are beginning to survive through glyphosate herbicides, as biotech giants scramble to come out with the next competing chemical formula and genetically altered seed.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bayer CropScience, Liam Condon, states, “We are responding to urgent calls by farmers and agronomists for an alternative weed control technology to help combat the increasing problem of weed resistance to glyphosate-based products.” Continue reading

Lee Harris – Open to Your Highest Potential Audio Excerpts – 22 January 2014

Uploaded on 21 January 2014 by LeeHarrisEnergy Excerpts from Lee’s recording Open to Your Highest Potential.
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Vatican Monsignor Arrested For Money Laundering – 22 January 2014

MSN Money


VATICAN CITY (AP) – A Vatican monsignor already on trial for allegedly plotting to smuggle 20 million euros ($26 million) from Switzerland to Italy was arrested Tuesday in a separate case for allegedly using his Vatican bank accounts to launder money.

Read the full story at: money.msn.com/link to original article