AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Coming Out As A Contactee Series: Frank, On Spirit Transcending Religion – 22 January 2014

eileenmeyerSpirit arrived into Frank’s heart consciousness unexpectedly in church one day. Soon after, Frank left the church and never looked back. Spirit went with him. They’ve been building their relationship, and practicing Love in the world ever since. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Frank, and the ones that I am continuing to have with truly amazing and regular folk who are direct contactees of a Greater Love. It is my passion to help in broadcasting these important stories… about OUR evolution and awakening. Should you wish to explore more detail in Frank’s story, he has provided an expanded recollection of his story below.

Over two decades ago I was faced with a huge dilemma. I was absolutely at the end of my wits and the road ahead was as bleak as facing a cold gray wall (the rock-and-the-hard-place was still to come, but that’s another story)! Growing up in a very fundamentalist Christian sect religion, I had a choice of continuing to be a hypocrite or leave it all (to the disappointment and disdain of family and friends) and move ahead to WHAT, I had no clue! So to make a long story short, I exited stage left and traveled for two solid weeks with a friend, by car, as far northwest on this continent as the roads were drivable!

While spending the summer in arguably some of the most beautiful part of the continent, I came across some precious people who had an idea for me, they seemed a pretty content and happy bunch, so I dropped my guard and shared my dilemma. Their idea was: T R U S T god, not in a granddaddy pie-in-the-sky or a religious kind of god, but TRUST in the spirit of god, the spirit that exist in everything that is. The simplicity of their idea shocked me! Because I thought that going to a church regularly and doing what everybody else does: talk about god in a religious way qualified me as a godly person! Their further idea(s) was, a) to stop trying to please people; b) stop trying to do things my way, what the old ego and self wants to do, which is prove to everybody that I can please them all and show them that I’ve got it ALL FIGURED OUT! And here was their most profound and simply surprising suggestion: Try TRUSTING god as if you had never done it, do it as if you had been standing on own your two feet all your life and you had never learned to sit down on a chair! “Frank, please sit on this chair, it holds you up and you can finally rest (they pulled up a chair and had me sit down on it), you may not believe this works, but trust us, it works because we have done it, so try it!”

Because I did try it, in the most sincere and honest way I possibly could, I started truly trusting in a spirit that I had sensed around me, something that I had sensed in nature and when I was alone in thought and sometimes I sensed it when talking with a particularly thoughtful person (although that was rare), what happened next, is something truly astounding and moves me to tears even now as I write this, I became the happiest person in the world! I mean that sincerely, you could’ve not found a truly happier and more joyful human being anywhere in the world!

Over the next few days as I pondered this new trust it got even better and the added bonus was that I was in the most beautiful part of this continent one could find! As I walked amongst the wild flowers, one day, so thick, lush and beautiful in the north country’s endless summer days, I noticed that I was squashing an equally lush and thick wild strawberry patch beneath me! So I bent down and picked some, and ate some. Then I froze, and stood still for a very long time, as everything was TOO beautiful to go any further, to continue walking meant that more strawberries would go squished than I could eat in a lifetime! I couldn’t see them because of the thickness of the flower stems and petals, but I could hear my shoes squishing them! So I gazed in awe at the ocean in the distance, then I looked down at the wild flower/berry floor, then I gazed at the mountains, and then did I a slow 360 degree turn without squishing one more strawberry. Then I froze again. The next thing I remember is my legs were so tired, I had to sit down, so I did. Strawberries were squished, flowers were smelled and picked. I stayed there until the bees/bumblebees couldn’t recognize me from the flowers, then I got up and left. Sometime later spirit spoke to me and said to just call it: “buddy”.

Fast forward to the present, after many searches (out of programed duty) for the perfect “Baskin-Robbins” flavored ‘christian church”, I finally exited stage left from a home group fellowship and figured I better try TRULY trusting god once again! I got involved politically at the local level and went down so many rabbit hole conspiracy theories that even bugs bunny would get lost! When the economy “went south” in a staged depression in 2008, and thus compelling me to getting further educated in why civilizations destroy themselves, I came to a point that was truly my rock-and-a-hard-place tight spot, the likes that I never dreamed could happen! This is how I felt:

Author Unknown

Author Unknown

Actually, I believe the ‘tunnel lights’ have been turned off because they were a distraction from the light within us, the loving light of truth that burns deep within every soul, that fire came so close to being snuffed out that god, the source of all that is, had to personally remove all leaning posts/props, so that we are forced to look within, once again! So I can say in all honesty, I am not there yet, I have not fully integrated the truth THAT I KNOW, what with varying levels of successes and failures over two decades, I am still finding myself self-correcting, moment-by-moment choosing the action in-Love that serves the highest purpose! What else can I do? I have traveled a lot, seen a lot more, studied copiously, experienced several lifetimes, and still I come back to this: Trust only, in that which you know. (But one must try something first in order to truly experience and trust the knowing) image Thanks for letting me share. Have a magnificent day!

-Personal story, design and construction of 3-legged log bench and all photography by Frank the builder.

P.S. All wood used for log bench was rescued from before landfill/recycling happened, no stain was added to it’s natural color, only a water-based clear coat was applied to get the finish, as shown in photos.

P.P.S. Yes I truly did sit on this bench with no support from anything but the 3-legs! The counteracting balancing points and weight, one provided by Mother Nature in the tree limb, is the successful trick in this design.

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