John Ward – Elm House Murder Hunt, Greek Submarine Corruption Arrests, Italian Bad Debt – 22 January 2014

A quick follow-up on past Slog revelations, where the stories continue to unfold, unravel, and unearth…thus causing unease.


Only thing that worries me about this case is that the short, fat greasy man video’d at the house is almost certainly not involved in the murder….so is this yet another distraction? Either way, as usual, Exaro has the story. Their amazing work continues.


This Spiegel piece on the Great Invisible Submarine Drama continues to roll on…another two (2) count them minor officials arrested, nobody of much importance caught. It’s very hard to bring very fat people to justice because one needs a crane to do so. So the Greek Government will have to be very zealous. Or some name like that.


And further to today’s earlier piece about completely normal bond markets unmanipulated by human hands, Zero Hedge has this chart showing the somewhat bizarre relationship between Italian meltdown and Italian bond yields. Whatever can it mean?

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