LightworkerSXM – 3D Printing Energy Global Network – 22 January 2014


Welcome to 3 D Printing Global Energy Network:

Welcome to an advanced world of imagination,

With your cooperation we  will now  render the old slave system obsolete:

Your involvement is crucial in this network by showing an interest in sharing knowledge and skills and forming the data base of what is possible to build on 3D Printers and set up a global network of other working stations and a central data base of intelligence:

That data base will be currently held here on this web site can be seen below in Projects:

This is the first known dedicated 3 D Printing station that focuses on;

The making, testing and production of Free Energy Devices of all description:

We are involved in discussions with all inventors, scientists and makers of the Projects items listed below:

University support and accreditation’s:

We are currently in negotiation with 2 Global Universities who may create working network stations for us in the future:

Current status of Global Network Stations:

1) Global Network Station #1 : Sint Maarten, Caribbean ( Station Budget $2500).


2) Global Network Station #2 Sidney Australia: Opening shortly: Self Funded, material contributions:

3) Global Network Station #3 Sussex UK : Opening February 2014: Group donations and self  funded:

Global Network Station #1 : Current status: 22nd Jan 2014:

Rep-Rap-SXM in Sunny Sint Maarten In the Caribbean

The Practical Workshops Opening Feb 2014 : ( Accepting members now).

Currently Rep-Rap-SXM is $1400 short of the full finance needed for the entire station and seeks donations or contributions from those who wish for success to make up the short fall, here is where the funding goes:


a) Printer model : Rep-Rap-Pro Ormerod 384 series Self Built by Dave @ Rep-Rap-SXM  Feb 2014:


Completion date and in good productive order expected 2nd week February.

b) Scanner Model Matterform: To be purchased when funding targets achieved:


c) Programs Open SCAD and STL Files basic Printing format:


d) Heated bed and 200 Deg extruder head with PBS ALS resin plastic filaments.

e) Other materials  Building in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Titanium workable in this process.


f) Dave @ Rep-Rap-SXM will be holding Skype sessions for those interested in the latest in this field technology :

g) Holiday learning sessions : Booked into our best hotels for one weeks 3D printing:

Daily flights from Europe and US Canada:

One to One session in your own hotel room in the sun and warm Caribbean sea:

Please state preference in form below:



Listed negotiated Projects and Practical Workshops:

1) Replicate your own 3 D printer Kit on our own 3 D Printer:

Designer inventor Dr Adrian Bowyer of Reprap, Bath University UK:

Just now 25% of one machine can be built by itself, this is to increase to 55% in April this year:

With a view to even be able to replicate printed Circuitry:


2) HV Atmospheric Generator:  See here Laserhacker : 


3) POE Coils From Daniel and Erica Nunez The Bronx New York:  1StopEnergies  : See here :


4) 3 D Printed Motor : Tesla Technology: See here :


5) Re-energized Water Imploder : Dan Winters amazing sacred geometry:


6 ) : Aquaponic’s Grow bed Bell Siphon :

This is new and has not been invented or drawn up yet ( having built so many by hand) it is time we make a prototype kit and flat pack to print out and assemble and sell to the public: or use on your Aquaponics projects


7) 3 D Printed  Solar panels : Expected April 2014:

Modification to current 3 D Printers will be required to take on this massive shift to our energy independence>


8) 3 D Printed Tooling and Gearing systems: of all various shapes sizes and uses:

Skysweeper download

The only apparent omission is our imagination :

Here are a list of Project items under discussion with the inventors:

A) Small size EMF Electronic pulse converter Which convert smart energy ( harmful electricity) into healing electricity:

B) Large size EMF converter : Which converts a household EMF waves of Wifi and Microwaves and all EMF’s into healing power:

C) Various Kinetic Water pumps and Water energy driven systems:

These objects are under negotiation with the inventor and cannot be added just yet to our active projects:

How do You get involved:

You get involved if you are interested in the following :

1) You want to be brought up to speed about 3 D Printing and Free energy items that can be made:

2) You wish to create your own Networking station any where in the world and wish to be included in the Data network.

3) You wish to bring energy items for discussion to be 3 D Printed for your project:

4) You are looking for technologies for your project regarding health, energy and water:

5) You are looking for tried and tested technology that works and information on how to make it work for you.

6) One to one skype sessions on all you need to know about setting up your own network.

7) Wish to come for a holiday and have one to one daily  sessions in the Caribbean on 3 D Printing Free energy:

Just one of the  7 reasons above is reason enough to join in our network :

lightworkersxm : original article link


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