Lucas – The New Is The Most Exciting You Ever Will Encounter Every Moment Of The Now – 22 January 2014

New Discoveries

It is time to face reality and get back into balance. Are you able to step over your own shadows and really see, hear, listen and for most sense. You will be see  that humanity has enough awakened humans already and that all that is change is inevitable changing as  the base tone of our multiverse is not duality anymore but balanced duality that centers to one and unity. 

So your necks are safe for those fearing to let go of their old personal interest and beliefs as one needs the input of both polarities to become balanced.  It is getting out of extremes. We need to work together on the balance  of both polarities and work together to become one. In this effort there is no place for retribution, hatred, fear, killing, pain, past, future, resentment, it is not about that  and more anymore.

The key is inner individual balance that will reflect also balance outside of you. Some call it the projected reality or your perception. It is not easy to find balance but you can manage and are equipped to deal with it. Former extreme dark or former super Light, we will all succeed. It is an individual process all need to go through.  No worries we are with bumps in the road having a learning curve to find back to that what always was, is and shall be as it is ONE.

We can build a new world only with new ingredients and in really new ways. That also means that you are going to work on the abundance that is and was always yours on this planet and do not hide anymore behind your personal interests, needs, your past and future fears.  For all those still busy with rescue/ prosperity and humanity relief funds,  for those waiting on RV’s,  for those fighting over collateral accounts and its assets, for  those saying to have the gold or those hording it and for those still printing fiat currency at the expense of our humanity, wake up!

Get working together and stop still forcing polarities that can not be or even survive in this new paradigm. You have all  the inner knowledge of this. Money is an ending concept but will be for transitioning needed as a tool for those still awakening and transitioning themselves.  We will find our new ways of exchange but they will not be based upon the old systems.

The days are over for a few running the world. It is time to see we all are our own individual rulers. Individually in cooperation and being self empowered and self-governed humans, we need no custodians and rulers, priests and controllers to make things work.  All those “elite” on or off planet, that still think to know the outcome of their actions and secret planning for millenia and so-called prophesies will be having a hard time.

None of you has the full big picture. The new is created newly and can not be known. The new is new and will not be polluted by all that what has its origins in the past or future. If things are brought into existence now and are NOT meant to stay, they will see their build on quicksand and vanish. We will be seeing creation with the best intent for all that even upon an old structure temporary can exist to make things transition.

Transitioning into the new is now foremost a transitioning from your mind, that has been given the wrongful leader role, back to the heart. Your heart is your source and your first brain. In the first stages of your life your embryo developed first the heart and the heart has its own 40.000 brain cells.  Your first brain is your heart and that is not the same as your brain in your head which develops later on.

Your heart had been disconnected from its real purpose by intoxication, medicine, pollution, manipulation, belief systems and education to become secondary  in nature. The mind was always intended to be in service of the heart and not the other way around. The hearts reflected “speech” is really running the show as it gives its ‘electrical pulses/information towards the brain.

The brain is your secondary center to physiologically make things work. It also for those not yet awakening to their heart-source connection has become an independent center that makes thoughts the foremost important ingredient of speech and expression. We are going to work out that the heart in connection with Source and the brain will give us new ways of “communication” based on combined senses and new balanced emotions generated in symbol and picture/film like inner-projected language that also will be spoken through telepathic connection with others.

Newly found abilities some have already developed in the first stages in the old paradigm. Some have misused their abilities for selfish purposes, for power and for manipulation in being on the darker side of the fence, so to say. Others have used their already developed abilities for healing, support, creation for the good of all on the light side of the fence. Most of us have been hopping in 0ur lives between both polarities in little peaks and stages on both sides of the fence. Some have found intentionally of unintended, conscious or unconsciously the middle, the balance.

The new though is NOT about duality and polarities but an intricate equilibrium that shows itself in cooperation, equality, and mastership of conflict resolution. It is about being individually the empowered lightbeings that work in all for the common causes together in unity and peace.  It is about individual creation and living without harming each other.  Would it work I hear lots think….

Get out of your mind and know if we are balanced and work together, creating this new can not desire the failing of its creation, or the doing harm to each other or not being able to do it, all of that is NO longer a thought or feeling, a sense that would be present in your vibrational frequency state. The question would, could and should, or failure will not be present.

Start off with something small you can work on and you are really passionate about and make it work for all the best of humanity. You may have certain knowledge, skills or possible solutions that can be used. Just only go not find things in the past or future but let it flow into your being. All will find its way towards your well intended new creation for all human kind you put out there.  You will find out the blanks and make things work and find the support and help on your way in starting off somewhere in the NOW. The energetic creational field you initiated will make it happen.

Go for it.  The new is the most exciting you ever will encounter every moment of the now. Enjoy!

Love and Light,


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