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Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 390 – 22 january 2014

AishaNorthBy now, you will all have had your moments of “what is happening to me? And what is the next step I must take?” Or “why is nothing happening at all, I must be doing something wrong.” Well, let us answer all of these questions with one simple answer; you are not doing anything wrong, in fact, you are right where you are supposed to be. And even if you feel almost like being pushed into a corner, that is also exactly where you are supposed to be. And no, if you do find yourself as if between a rock and a hard place, it is not because you are meant to be stuck there, suffering, while you see others floating by on a cloud of bliss. Remember, this process is indeed a very individual one, and bit by bit, pace by pace, you are all following YOUR path towards the same goal as everyone else. Continue reading

John Ward – Elm House Murder Hunt, Greek Submarine Corruption Arrests, Italian Bad Debt – 22 January 2014

A quick follow-up on past Slog revelations, where the stories continue to unfold, unravel, and unearth…thus causing unease.


Only thing that worries me about this case is that the short, fat greasy man video’d at the house is almost certainly not involved in the murder….so is this yet another distraction? Either way, as usual, Exaro has the story. Their amazing work continues. Continue reading

TheIndependent – Lex Fenwick Leaves Dow Jones As Chief Executive – 22 January 2014

The Independent

William Lewis named interim CEO as News Corp plans to review Dow Jones’ institutional strategy

By Mark McSherry

News Corp announced late on Tuesday the departure of Lex Fenwick as chief executive of its Dow Jones company, publisher of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones newswires.

Read the full story at: www.independent.co.uk/link to original article

TheGuardian – China’s Princelings Storing Riches In Caribbean Offshore Haven – 22 January 2014

The Guardian

Relatives of political leaders including China’s current president and former premier named in trove of leaked documents from the British Virgin Islands

By James Ball and Guardian US Interactive Team

More than a dozen family members of China’s top political and military leaders are making use of offshore companies based in the British Virgin Islands, leaked financial documents reveal.

Read the full story at: www.theguardian.com/ link to original article

DealBook – Key Witness In Martoma Trial Says He Lied To F.B.I. – 22 January 2014



Dr. Sidney Gilman, the government’s star witness in its case against Mathew Martoma, a former SAC Capital Advisors portfolio manager, testified on Tuesday that he lied to F.B.I. agents and regulators for nearly a year about passing inside information to Mr. Martoma.

Read the full article at: www.dealbook.nytimes.com / link to original article

Steve Lendman – Malicious Syria Bashing – 22 January 2014

StevelendmanIt’s longstanding. It began long before Obama’s war erupted. It was nearly three years ago.
Releasing a new report on Syria was strategically timed. It’s out two days before sham peace talks begin in Montreux, Switzerland.
It’s filled with spurious accusations. London’s Guardian discussed them. “Syrian regime document trove shows evidence of ‘industrial scale’ killing of detainees,” it headlined. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Updating The Chakra System By Archangel Michael – 22 January 2014

natalie glassonChannelled through Natalie Glasson- 16-01-14-www.omna.org

Your chakra system is your gateway to and expression of the Creator’s universe, it is your source of spiritual and energetic nurturance and enables a constant flow of the Creator’s light to support your continued existence in oneness with the Creator. All aspects of your chakra system are continuously altering and evolving, even their purpose can change as the vibration of energy within and around you heightens.  Your chakras are personal to you and act as a personal connection and expression of the Creator through your being. Sometimes when you experience blockages in certain chakras this can symbolise the area in which your connection with the Creator needs to be contemplated and enhanced. For example, if you have a blockage in your heart chakra then it may be that you have issues with connecting with, receiving or expressing the love of the Creator so there is a need to connect consciously into the chakra to decipher that which the chakra wishes to share with you concerning your connection with the Creator. Remember that your greatest purpose upon the Earth is to express and radiate the purest vibration of the Creator’s light, love and consciousness. Anything that is hindering you in doing so is asking you to glimpse an aspect of the Creator that you may not be familiar with or may be fearful of because of past circumstances. You then are presented with the most precious gift, a new focus and understanding of the Creator and a new pathway to gain a deeper unity with the Creator. Continue reading

New Study Proves Our Brains Are Intricately Connected To The Universe At The Quantum Level – 22 January 2014


Thanks to: http://www.thehealersjournal.com/2014/01/21/quantum-brain-connected-to-the-universe/


Oil painting by Urs Schmid (1995) of a Penrose tiling using fat and thin rhombi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At a fundamental level, your brain and the fabric of the universe operate in much the same way according to a recent meta-study published by world-renowned consciousness researchers Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose [Hameroff and Penrose (2013)]. Continue reading

Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For The Week Of January 21st – 22 January 2014

Uploaded on 21 January 2014 by Tom Lescher With every choice I now must make, I see just who I am. Is it my looks, security, Or Spirit in command? Favored activities for this week are: Revolt! Experiment! Commit to Change! It may not be easy but somebody’s got to lead the way and it is looking more and more like we have to do it ourselves….. time to bite the bullet, roll up the sleeves, and paddle that boat outa’ the harbor and toward the open sea!!! Injoy! Thanks to Matt for the music! http://mattstonehouse.com

WakingTimes – Chris Bourne – ‘The Wounded Dragon’ – Healing The Divine Warrior – 22 January 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Humanity is entering the cauldron of catalytic change

At a soul level, the strength of our yearning is collectively challenging a society founded on injustice and inequity. Catastrophic meltdown is on the horizon. How do we progress from here? We must recognise that the capitalistic nightmare has been the outer reflection of our own internal darkness – the ‘raptor consciousness‘, desperately efforting to placate an inherent sense of lack. If society is to change for the better, we must transmute these inner energies to heal our own lives and those of the wider community. We must heal this Divine Warrior – the “Wounded Dragon”… Continue reading