WakeUpWorld – Aboriginal Elder Speaks Out About Sacred Site Under Threat Of Mining – 22 January 2014

Wake Up World

22nd January 2014 /  By Andy Whiteley /Co-Founder of Wake Up World / Video by Sean Vandenberg / Guest producer for Wake Up World

The NSW State Government has given permission to New Zealand based sandmining company Rocla Materials Pty Ltd to build a sand mine on a sacred Aboriginal Women’s Fertility Rites teaching place in Calga NSW, on Australia’s Central Coast. The site in question is part of the sacred Dreaming Track, and its destruction would destroy with it tens of thousands of years of Aboriginal heritage, as well as the habitat of numerous endangered animal species that are native to the area.

Cultural significance

In this exclusive video presentation, Auntie Beve speaks with fellow custodian Tracey-Lee Howie about the importance of the sacred Women’s Fertility Rites site:

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