Full-Fill YourSelf -Cause You Are Human – 23 January 2014


…and humans want to BE with other humans. At least in their hearts, not so much in their minds. The mind is usually pretty damaged by adolescence, especially now. By damaged it is meant that a not so deep comfort is felt regarding trust in other human beings. And it is comprehensible to say the least.

That makes it easier to believe, if you ever get into “spiritual stuff”, that you do not need any other human being, that not only do you fulfill yourself but you have to do so on your own. If you feel “more” complete with other humans that means you are simply not evolved enough.


So why did we incarnate as humans in first place? And why so many? Could we not do something a bit more… lonely? Was it all about being born among a ton of other beings only to learn how to get away from them? Only to go back to our Source and Soul which, by the way, is where we came from?

Is this all about just going back from where we came? Then why did we came in the first place? It’s like going mad to pack and buy tickets and fly to the other side of the planet with 20 connecting flights and flying through hurricanes… only to go back once you get there.

May be, we did come for a reason, may be, we came to accomplish something while not being simply Spirit? May be to accomplish something while being human beings? And maybe, just maybe, we came en masse to do it… together? Learning to Love each other, support each other, learn from each other… learn what is means to be a human being? And while learning that also learn not to kill each other, or lie to each other and respect each other…  Cause humans were born with a bias: the sin, forgetfulness.

Master emotions, feelings, pain, trust, happiness, love, joy, dreams, loss, confusion, hope, anger… up and down the mountain just to find out there is no goal, only Journey. 

The Journey of discovery.

Discovery of how far a fractal of God can go from itself and how long it takes for it to come back to its consciousness. Then spread to all fractals and then yes, BEcomes a One again.

Master being a Human Being and it’s amazing kaleidoscopic features! Master the fear of others hurting you. Master falling in Love with another human being while remaining in yourself AND your Love. Master the duality of thoughts and actions till they are fused as one. Master the drive that pushes the soul Home by finding Home into the Self and others. Master the given Body that communicates with your world. Master the mind and re-awakening consciousness of Spirit and still don’t loose your being Human. Cause to Be Spirit you need do nothing.


Deep integration. Not isolation.

For you ether believe that the human being was created wrong, thus you try to correct it following whatever belief you choose to follow… OR.


OR you believe it is born the way it is meant to be. But that means you accept it the way it is. You accept its feelings, emotions, fears, forgetfulness, wonders, abilities, deep love and desires; it means you accept its humanness. And still are capable of seeing its Soul. Its eternal, ever being, wonder full Soul.

Ether way it’s fine, for you are human. Even if only a momentary host of a fraction of eternity. So whatever you chose is your path.

But if you ever feel lonely, know there are other parts of you out here, right here, on this very planet, waiting to share this earth experience with you. Ready to share this human journey with you. There are many out here. For all levels and grades of being.

One of Gods’ Masterpieces!

The lonely paths have been mastered in the past, you have them in you already as what one does all have done. Now lets Master humanity as a whole.

Ready for the ride?

Love, You

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