Lee-Anne Peters – Words Of Wisdom – January Transition – 23 January 2014

https://lucas2012infos.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/499e9-49-lee-anne2bapril2b2012.jpgWelcome to 2014, I trust your transition was full of love and what you enjoy. I know it has been quite a challenging time these past weeks, and I trust you are moving out of any heaviness you may have been experiencing. I trust you find some comfort in these words of love to you.
The energy flowing into the new year was very focused around the old door closing and the new door opening, and that transition period (with one foot in both worlds) which seemed to last quite a while (and still continues to a degree) as time warped and we were in many ways pushed to step back and go within.
This within time hasn’t been easy as we face difficult things about ourselves and as we learn brand new lessons. Many of us went through a ‘dark night of the soul’ for a while (and some are still there).
The energy has started to shift as we regain some clarity and direction gently. However many of us still remain relatively unclear about what’s next. Some of us have started to create our plans and heart intentions for the coming months, however not all of the pieces have come together yet. It feels like there is no rush with this as we MUST ensure what we put our energy into is what we really want to do… well not just do, but to become! We MUST make sure that what we are planning or intending continues to stay in harmony with our hearts and our truth. This can be a little tricky to notice if we are kind of bogged down with negative thinking, doubts, fears, insecurities etc.
Many of us are learning the power of DETACHMENT – as we take our self love and self honouring further. Loving ourselves enough to say ‘no’ and to not take others opinions or judgments personally. It really is an art that requires dedication and commitment to really see the results. Tests continue to come in reminding us how important detachment really is – so perhaps sit with this word and discover its lessons for yourself.
As the new year hype dies down, around the middle of January we are guided to reflect and reassess our goals for the year (or 6 months at least) and adjust them if required. Let’s get our goals working for us – not out of obligation, necessity or agenda – but because our heart wants to and our SOUL calls to also.
We flow through January with a constant reminder of holding BALANCE. Well first we need to find that unique balance for ourselves. Remembering that everyone is different, their likes / dislikes are different, different bodies, lifestyles and purposes – so with this in mind, we all find our balance in different ways. Finding ours by becoming aware of what’s happening with our body, our mind, our words, our actions and in our environment. Paying attention to what brings us a sense of contentment, harmony, happiness etc and doing our best to hold that as we journey through moment to moment.
I feel new doors will open in succession soon and we will start getting a glimpse of these towards the end of January. As we continue to let go, close those old doors that no longer work, those old dreams that aren’t right for us any longer, and those old ways of being – we free ourselves and open ourselves for the perfect doors to open in accordance with our highest truth at the PERFECT TIME!
As we continue to go gently, find and hold our balance, set our clear heart based intentions and let go… this will ensure everything is where it needs to be as we move into a deeper sense of truth and flow than we’ve ever experienced!
HINT: Print up your words of wisdom and read it from time to time throughout the coming month.
Lee-Anne Peters

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