Méline Lafont – Nefertiti Speaks Of Relationships – 23 January 2014

MélineNote from Méline: Hi everyone, I felt compelled to share this excerpt of a reading that I did for someone as it speaks of relationships in general. I find this very helpful and this might be the case for you too, this is why I asked persmission to share this with you all. Note that this resonance field might differ from consciousness state to consciousness state as we all do need reflections in our evolution till a certain point is reached where all the needed is within and that you become aware of that.  Than the outer reflections are not so much needed anymore when you become that understanding.  This is what Nefertiti refers to.  Much love , Méline ♥
Nefertiti speaks:
I am here to speak to you of such. The message that one must hear is that by all means and in all hearts, gratitude for every being and level has to be obtained and revealed. As such, that level of gratitude allows the welfare and benefits of harmonious relationships to stay steadfast in whatever way they are here to stay.
Your beloved relationship with another you, for all is an eternal reflection of the you that you are in another, is merely here to bring forth the understanding of who you truly are to yourself and to others. It brings forth the acceptance and the embracing of your true Divine Self. This is where this road will lead you to, so when one comes to understand that all this which is seen, felt and experienced in a relationship is actually the you mirroring to you of what you need to know, than an understanding of a renewed relationship shall be upon you.
Relationships are simply here because humankind created them to be mirrored in their own understanding and level of consciousness. It helps to become one with themselves in Grace and infinity. Often no relationship is needed anymore, nor created when one reaches the understanding of what and who you truly are as a multidimensional being of Light, Love and energy. One finds it all within and then does not need the mirror anymore for their understanding of it and of themselves.
Nevertheless, one can create a most perfect understanding with one another in total freedom of existence, where the term “relationship” shifts into a whole new understanding and consciousness where all is in freedom, abundance and respect for its existence. All flows then in grace and infinity and so do those hearts. There will be understanding then and a match in vibrations where you chose to share that moment of experience and vibration as one for that moment of Now in the form of a connection.
So in order to help you understand of what is going on within, I can only tell you this.. When your beloved husband shares pain or anger with you, or any emotion /attachment that makes you feel triggered and uncomfortable, search for what is going on within you to reach an understanding of what truly is causing all of this to be reflected upon you. There is always a reason and an understanding for it.
You shall be the one that gives the answers to it as I want you to be more confident about your Self. All those precious moments you have with one another are always moments where you both are in alignment with one another, and where happiness and joy are experienced because you accept yourself and allow yourself in that moment of truth.
You see, all flows in the infinite moment of your Self in true joy and abundance of radiance within your heart. You are to reflect on this, my beloved one.
Nefertiti through Méline Lafont
(excerpt of a personal reading)
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered  http://lafontmeline.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com / link to original  article http://awakeningtohigherlove.com

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