Lisa Gawlas – We Are The “Divine Source Of Existence.” – 24 January 2014

lisagawlas2There is so much I want to share in understanding today, I pray I can get it all out and more importantly, get it out clearly for all of us to digest and incorporate.

As each reading unfolded yesterday, I started to get a lot of side notes of understanding thru the day.  I think the best way to share this information is with one of my incredible pieces of art (smirk.)

between the worlds

Every one of us started out in that old 3D world.  We had to know intimately all the laws of duality, all that we were capable of with and with the light of love basking in our hearts.  Once we finished up living as the darkest aspect of our selves in created reality, a little light switch started to go on, and we embarked on the adventure of getting out of the density of duality and eventually started to live in that place called “between the worlds.”

We have been there for such a long time, eons of lifetimes, adding more and more pure light to the density of our own biology and the world in which we found our way out of, that it seemed like this is where we would live for ever more.

I put the sun in this image for a reason.  The sun itself is the gateway to all of that pure light energy, deep in the center is a doorway (so to speak) that opens and closes, until recently, at the will of those fully in spirit assisting humanity in their ascent to their true Self in matter.  The relationship of distance from the old 3D world to the sun itself is far from each other.  It took so much time and work on our parts to harness this light and embed in our biology and living matter (our lives.)

As we broke (mostly) free of the old 3D world, we were closer to the sun energy, the light and the pure essence of who we are as a spiritual being, and our adventures became quicker to embed, apply, LIVE.  However, it still took a lot of inner focus, releasing of the old dualistic construct for us to emerge ever lighter, freer, unrestricted by old belief systems, by duality itself.

Meditation became the greatest connection between understanding our Self, removed from the old world, and yet, no real footing in any other world but this in-between state, at least, not until this past year we call 2013.

Something happened back in 1987 that would change it all.  The first world-wide group meditation called The Harmonic Convergence.  It blew a massive fissure in the top of the old world and equally, at the bottom of the new world.  A blow back of pure potential, of actually living in the fabled garden of Eden, heaven on earth, shambhalla started to feel real.

From that moment forward, the release of light was unstoppable.  More and more humans started waking up from the deep sleep in the darkness of duality.  Change escalated in that old 3D world.  Many of our star brothers and sisters were able to finally give us the gift of technology that would bind us closer together, no matter how vast the landscape appeared to divide us.

For the next 25 years (from 1987 thru 2012) an acceleration of light made the old world more buoyant.  Collapsing realities, busting of age-old system was happening like wild fires in the santa ana winds.  To the point that the line between the worlds became so thin the emerging pressure of the new world was now heavy against our chest, as if we ourselves were cracking under extreme light pressure.  And we were (are.)

2013 served as that energetic gateway of massive choice.  Allow full on change in the biological structure of the body, remove any lingering debris of duality, set your heart beat to living, breathing, Being Heaven on earth and assimilate the mass release of sun energy at the same time.

The last quarter of 2013 thru the first quarter of 2014 is the Divine change out.  Stripped of all the old energy, old light fields that got us to this profound, if not incredibly uncomfortable time in our history at the same time, emerging, ascending onto the new earth thru the fissures, wide open cracks, that will now never close again.

But life is very different in this new world, the fresh and disorienting Garden of Eden.  All the laws, all the rules that got us to here no longer apply.  Our orientation to ourselves must come from the new eyes of Life itself.  No longer a struggling human bringing in more and more of your pure light, soul energy.  But a fully functioning spiritual being alive in a pristine land that beats in unison with your heart.

Look at how much closer we are to the sun.  We are now in unison with the central sun.  It exhales, we inhale, naturally (and vise versa, which is a concept to behold in and of itself.)  Think about it, we are now seeding the energy of the sun!!

In the transition (again, which took eons of lifetimes to get to) we had our external forces helping us, what we know as guides, angels, gods whatever.  Now…. we are that!!  Thats HUGE.  For many, can be incredibly disorienting.

For those who cleared their cellular debris enough to be buoyant enough, light enough to find their new home in this amazing place I call Eden, we are now fully Self sufficient (even if we may not feel like in this brand new moment!!)  Your mastery, your ability to work in this new way is in every new cells of your radiant DNA.

Each one of us came here with a very important skill set.  Some, masters of co-creation with the elements, some masters of the magnetic energy of sun and earth, some divine mirrors of light reflection, some I have no real words to reveal with (yet.)  I am seeing this thru every reading and like wonderful new-born children, we are stumbling about in our mastery.

I am also realizing something else too.  Unlike the world we had just left, this new one, this Eden grows only by your perception of yourself.  For some, it is still a light field of potential, for others, there are landscapes and energies already in use, and as I seen the day before, some still making their transition to here.  All perfect. We arrive and Self discover in waves… otherwise we would completely tip the scales of balance for all worlds.

The one most important thing we must all realize, we are co-creating from deep inside our hearts.  No longer an outside effort, but a deep cellular resonance emerging from the pure sea of life within our ancientness.

I heard myself say something yesterday that I never thought I would ever utter out of my lips.  ”Meditation is not going to help you become familiar with what you are doing.”  Now it is fully the act of doing that, that will grow yourself.

If we can look at the two worlds as one being earth, the other being lets say, mars, then the line between was the rocket ship that got us there.  Many of us learned every aspect of that rocket ship in the realms of meditation.  But now, we have landed on Mars and the rocket ship went back to the old world to gather those waiting in between the worlds.

We are now the full body living meditation spirit had said (and I barely understood) for this last half of 2013.  Like our guides and angels that have assisted us to here, we are the ones now, in living bodies, assisting each other and those yet to arrive how to live here in full awareness of Self.

Two things really stand out from yesterday’s amazing connections.  One is an incredible lady who pushed me out of my own comfort zone over and over again some 11 years ago, when I was just starting to read for others.

Her imagery stayed with me all day and into the night.  She first showed up in the vast darkness of the night sky, on the right side of our magnetosphere around Eden.  She had a wand in her right hand and started what looked like unzipping the magnetosphere with her wand as I watched all this swirly stuff dance and play and then move into the new creation I am calling Eden.   Then she switched hands, as the wand went into her left hand, she was suddenly inside the magnetosphere, on the left side of its center, a world of light that is being emitted from deep within every living thing (as opposed to the outside source of the sun) and she was in full radiance of herself, looking quite like Glenda the good witch in her attire, and yet, when she was outside the magnetosphere she was in darkness, dark clothing… what I would call the deep unknown energy (as opposed to anything negative.)

I eventually realized this is how dark got such a bad rap over time.  What we do not see or understand clearly, we tend to be afraid of and call it evil.  And yet, we must work with the depths of the darkness, beyond what we know/knew to reveal even more in this pristine land of Eden.

In her life she is a therapist, harnessing the energy of people’s inner darkness (fear) and finding the light thru it all.  And there is so much more to it than that.

Thru this whole sharing, there is something just knocking at my door for expression.  Going back to the DNA groups, as defined by Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll) and that layer called “The God Group.”  with emphasis right now on “layer 10.”

  • Layer 10:  THE CALL TO DIVINITY – THE RECOGNITION  OF GOD IN YOU. Layer Ten is also called “The Divine Source of Existence” by Kryon. The ten reduces to a one in numerology, again indicating the energy of “new beginnings.” It is the first of the divine, “God layers” that represent the “call to understanding your divinity.” The God layers are “action layers” because they facilitate the divine within, thereby facilitating enlightenment and remembrance of who you are.

This is exactly what is happening, en masse, by those within Eden.  We Are the “Divine Source of Existence” fully embodied Now.  We are now the magic we once pulled from outside ourselves, in.  The light energy emitting from deep within each and everyone and thing within this world of Eden.  No longer an exterior source.

The more you see and feel yourselves as “that” the more you make available to yourself on all levels and the more that is available to all of us as well.

Ponder that until tomorrow.  I have so much coming in it will take a whole new sharing to get out.  Until then… In-Joy yourSelf’s fully!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of holy-cowness to everyone!!!

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