Laura Bruno – How One Young Woman Integrates “Trouble,” “Comfort,” And “Survival” – 26 January 2014

laura-of-the-rocksReblogged from Exopermaculture:

This story, ostensibly about the search for the origins of tech trendy San Francisco’s newest craze, “artisanal toast,” shifts suddenly into a moving testament to the pluck, endurance and creativity of the ever-arising human spirit. May we all honor the resilience in this young woman’s journey through life. May we all plunge into mycelliac relationships with everyone we meet.

I can especially appreciate her journey because it mirrors my own, during  years when I had cast myself adrift, and yet knew intuitively that no matter how close I came to the edge of survival, I was safe.

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What a great story! Thanks to Ann, and to Mitch for encouraging me to read this article that I had shelved for some other time. Part of Mitch’s comments: “I love that she has manifested a second place, has 14 employees and has brought probably thousands of neighbors together, activism birthed, romances bloomed, and lasting friendships forged, etc, just wonderful! What’s even more incredible, is that she escaped being thrown into a psyche ward for life, in a way, she’s the living embodiment of everything Jon [Rappoport] writes about, she created magic from her so called mental illness.” Truly an inspiring and surprising article!

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