Tony Blair: Global Strategy Needed To Defeat Religious Extremism – 26 January 2014

The Independent

(Lucas: How a sought war-criminal Blair still gets in the news as he knows how for decades behind the scenes people have been fooled to believe the world was terrorized by religions and terrorist religious groups …. No forgotten is that mostly it were trained insurgents,  black-ops, staged violence and riots that killed at home and abroad real people, it were groups and individuals funded, trained and supplied with weapons and materials by CIA, MI6, SAS etc., Democracies and other ideology states were used to keep people in check and when not complying with the industrial military complex and finance sectors profit margens in robbing coutries resources and assets than turned over in violent wars, or in poverty …  all in the name of peace and your safety and freedom. So stop believing criminals and secret society members with their hidden agendas…Get seeing what it is all real about.. Wake up!)

The former Prime Minister argues that the battles of this century will be fueled by religious differences rather than political ideology

By Tomas Jivanda

Tony Blair has argued that the West needs to develop a global strategy to deal with terrorism and conflict sparked by religious extremism.

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