Visionkeeper – Shifting Our Energy – 26 January 2014

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I came here to speak to how it is time to shift our energies, but in fact, I guess I need to first emphasize the importance that we all need to understand that we and all beings, ARE ENERGY. Most people think of themselves as their bodies not their frequency. We each carry our own energy frequency that holds our unique story and each frequency is unlike any other. Our energies precede us in life, for the body is merely the vehicle within which we reside while here on earth. We are our energy frequency much more than we are our bodies, yet we pay attention to our bodies and work on how we look to the world but too often we do not even consider our frequencies. They too need our attention. It is critical we become aware of each others frequencies and above all respect them. When we say the world needs more respect and we need to show all others more respect, what we are really saying is we need to show each others frequencies respect. It is we who control our frequencies and how we present them to the world. It requires our self-awareness and our responsibility to offer the world our best frequencies through our thoughts and actions.

Every single day and every single moment are opportunities to express our highest selves and help to make the world a better place. It is through changing ourselves that we change the world, but it is important to also know that the change we seek within ourselves actually is achieved by changing our perceptions about life and allowing our minds to unfold and release the restrictions we place upon them through our beliefs. An open mind is a free mind and a free mind is a mind that is given the opportunity to see things differently at any given moment and it does not get locked into seeing the world a certain way. We seem to cling to our beliefs as a way of claiming our identity regardless of the fact those beliefs may be outdated or incorrect. Who would we be if we gave up those long-held beliefs? Those beliefs seem to define who we are but they aren’t and that is the point. To truly change is to take the risk of giving up who we think we were because of those old outdated beliefs and trusting that we will be able to create a new identity whenever needed that embraces the new and better way of being and shifting our energies/frequencies to match those new beliefs.

Let us take for example our beliefs about what is happening in the world today and how we feel about that. We can get caught up in anger and the feeling of being betrayed, which would be easy to do given everything going on right now, or we can use what is going on as a tool to show us what areas of life as a whole need to be worked on. What is going on is really a reflection of ourselves as well. If we don’t like being betrayed or lied to this is showing us all that we as a whole must work on this to change the world. If we don’t like the greed that is consuming the world, we now know it is humanity as a whole that must learn to let go of the importance we have placed on money and refocus that energy on compassion and sharing and giving. All the evils presenting themselves to the world right now are there to point out precisely what we need work on to change. We often hear how much easier life would be if we had a manual to follow, but if we pay attention, life itself is the manual and everything that happens is showing us the way and what to do.

If we all remember we are frequencies first and foremost and we choose to be aware of how we present ourselves to the world, everything changes. Imagine if everyone was presenting their best frequency and respecting all others, how different life would be. That also includes the animal kingdom as well! For far too long animals have been regarded as beneath us and their feelings and frequencies have been ignored and trampled upon. All animals have feelings and if WE don’t want to feel fear or be hurt or mistreated, animals feel that as well in their frequency field. It is not just about how big our brains are. So often people assume because animals brains are smaller they can’t feel. They feel through their frequencies and those frequencies are capable of fear, and hurt and not being loved and accepted just as ours are. We all share frequencies and it is time we all learn to be responsible for our own and how we interact with life as a whole. Being loving and compassionate and respectful is the answer we have all be looking for.

Blessings to us all,

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