WakingTimes – Soren Dreier – The Undistorted Power Of Attention – 27 January 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Our attention is the most powerful instrument we have: That’s why everybody wants it.

That is why the Matrix does its best to distract it.

Maybe turn the Matrix off and consciously choose what you would like to see or hear.

If not you´re a sitting duck for their brainwasher while they and you are undermining one of the most powerful tools you have: The undistorted attention.

Attention as I use it here: Centering the mind in a specific direction and only that direction, without any distractions.

No more background noise like leaving the radio or TV on as a poor excuse for avoiding the feel of: Something’s missing or just a really bad habit. In stillness or silence our minds expand, and it will pull unfinished business up to the surface for our consciousness to solve from the deep lake within.

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