AmericanKabuki – Being Absent Limits Does Not Mean Being Absent Common Sense – 28 January 2014

American-Kabuki-New-7-8-13-f(Lucas : this article American Kabuki – Bill  wrote is for your own discernment!) 
Caleb and I come from a similar religious backgrounds, actually many of us do, D, Bob and Vera and others. Heather grew up marginally Catholic and had her fingers beaten with car antennas by nuns. She still has the scars from those piano lessons when she missed some notes.
One thing Caleb I both saw in the faiths we grew up was there was a saying in our churches among the clued in, “you never want to do business with another church person”… what was the reason for this? Well certain assumptions about “LOVE”… the main one being that you can ask people to do something for you that requires real effort or creativity and not have to pay them for it, in essence stealing their value because they are “in the church” so to speak. After all don’t you love me, my ideas or this project? Guilt for what should have been laid out up front…as to the expectations they want from you.
My opinion is, that if you say you love someone, you will care enough to spell out what you want done (even if no renumeration is possible – at least say that up front so people have the choice to volunteer) and what value will be exchanged for doing it. Put it in writing so it there can be no question later and put in writing in clear and simple terms. No tricks. I have seen so many friendships broken in religion over ignoring this simple thing… transparency of expectation. Equitable value exchange – a balance of energy. The other thing we saw was the abuse of donations. In religion theres a huge lack of transparency in donations and couched in terms of “serving God”, “giving to God” or “for the highest good”… I know of tens of millions of dollars in one religion that was siphoned off. Heather says organized religion is the biggest money laundering operation there is, whether its the Catholic church’s IOR, or the Mormon Church or any given small American Protestant sect (and we have a bunch of them). The laws are such in the American Constitution that churches can get away with pretty much anything if they say its for God…
Some of that language “of the higher good”, “enlightenment” (in religion they call it salvation) crops up in “light worker” groups. But its all very vague and imprecise and nobody ever really defines what they mean. You’re just supposed to know. And none of them agree on it or they call you 3D if you ask them to define it. But because they say its for the highest good, means you are not allowed to challenge their lack of transparency of where their large donations are coming from or being used for or their power agendas, or why it is they leave certain facts out of their discussions as to who they are really working for. Truth will out. It always does. But it might bite you on the ass when it does come.
If your blog or radio show is good, perhaps that’s exchange enough provided you don’t exaggerate people’s exceptions like religion does and promise them things you can’t deliver or substantiate. Worse yet is when you distort what someone else says for your own agenda. If you are not transparent about what you BE and DO, eventually the funding, good will, or audience drys up. If you borrow money from people (short term loans to get by) and then don’t pay it back even when you later get large sum of money that would enable you to pay it back and balance that unbalanced energy equation, then you have a problem. Repaying those that helped you out when you were short should come before your amusements. To do otherwise is cruel and disrespectful.
Similar thing with relationships. Relationships take time to build, but can be busted in minutes with misunderstanding or mismatched expectations or behaviors. If your expectations of a relationship have changed, or what you need has changed, say so. At least give the other person warning of what is coming. Don’t whiplash their expectations. I am in the midst of a divorce myself, but the decision is something I have struggled with for years as the path of my journey and that of my mate diverged. Right now I don’t think I would ever remarry, but that could change a few years down the road. I was fortunate to have been married to a person of very high personal integrity. Not many even have that.
The path I have taken in the past 18 months is not for everyone, especially those that would rather not stick out from the crowd. There’s no hiding where I am, especially not now. I am all in for a peaceful change for this planet. Lately a certain shyness I have had has dropped away. My voice has come and I am not bashful about using it.
I was listening to an early Skype recording of a conversation I had with Heather and she has stayed 100% consistent which what she said when I first met her. People have interpreted what she said often through the lens of what they heard from Neil Keenan, St Germaine, POOF or other prosperity plans…and its not the same. Value is not a vault of gold in Indonesia or China (there’s no gold there in any case – its been relocated off world).
Heather is fond of speaking about the “Absolute Plan”. Sometimes she speaks of that in contrast to “The Divine Plan” of The Divines, and other times she speaks of it in terms of people who generate contrast and conflict, because in the grand scheme of things, all things do work for the good of all no matter what choice people make. However, the consequences personally of any given choice, if chosen poorly will be felt, perhaps perfectly felt, for the best learning. Because there is an absolute plan does not mean you get off the hook for what you choose to experience.
There is no judgement, we are the creator of what we experience. Being “ABSENT LIMITS” is a spiritual state. It comes from operating in complete transparency and unconditional love. When you can do that..all the limits on your being and what you can manifest come off of you, because you are operating in complete accountability and transparency in what you do. Stating expectations up front is a great place to start. So is complete transparency of BEing and DOing. Call it living in TRUTH without managing or maneuvering people covertly. “Absent limits” does not mean “absent common sense”. Free will exists and all is possible, just be prepared to learn from choices that are not the best or the wisest. And don’t expect others to pay for your poor choices. Everything we do affects another being. As does everything we think. There is no judgement but there is always consequences for what we choose to BE and DO. There are many lifestyles to choose from, but not all choose the same thing. We learn from any choice we make. That’s what this journey is about…how painful that journey is…is well…up to us. Choose wisely.

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