Fran Zepeda – Mother Mary: We See Your Luminescence Ever Growing Brighter – 27 January 2014

franpicMother Mary:

My dear sweet angels of Light, of illuminated excellence that you are. By now you are feeling the energies in a most accelerated fashion. They are becoming such a part of you as you are of them. As you expand, you take in more of your essence and accept it to the “nth” degree and in doing so, you spread it out and encompass a larger part of you and mingle with a larger part of everyone, my dear travelers of the Light.

I come before you to enhance your experience with this new light infiltration, with this new Light Essence of you. By now you are not feeling such a delineation between you and the light, between you and others, between you and the many aspects of yourself. They are one and the same with you as you are one and the same with others.

And for that matter, dear ones, you are growing into that acceptance and concept of your totality as messengers and holders and heralders of the New Light, which is one and the same with the New You. No more must you attempt to figure out what is happening within and around you, for you are becoming it, becoming the New Reality and you hold it dear to your hearts as I hold you dear to mine.

For you have crossed the limits of yesteryear and are welcoming the limitless Now and we see you opening up and feeling your way through this new milieu of Light and transcendent energies. You are the forerunners in this. You are the makers of this new era, and from you will follow many miracles and new experiences for others.

For the minute you accept your role as new trail blazers of this New Light, you will encompass more and more depths of it and there is no end to the possibilities, and thus as you expand this awareness, so will others have the courage and means to do the same.

So I ask of you dear ones, please keep opening up to your possibilities and your gifts as you explore the expansion that you are enjoying now, with no limits and no preconceived ideas. The more you let go and open to the possibilities of this New Light, the more you will progress along the path of deep awareness and experience of your rich inner worlds of Divinity. The more you surrender to it, the more you will experience the sweet music of grace and purity within you.

Allow the crescendos of Love and Joy to soar within you. Take them to new heights and perspectives. Allow it to be your experience always in the Now and build upon that to continue building your world of expanded vision and purpose.

As you continue to soar within this new milieu within, so must you ground more, always using your heart as your compass. As you can see, your heart is without limits now as far as what it can experience in the realm of Love and Joy. Experiment and take it to new levels, dear ones.

I am reveling in your new experiences. You have taken a brave step forward and we of the Company of Heaven commend you for your courage and perseverance, for your willingness to transcend the limits of your physical bodies to experience more expansiveness in your Light Bodies without hesitation or fear of where it is leading you. And with this, the more it will take you into unchartered lands of possibilities and new awareness.

I am within you and around you as you experiment with your new abilities and heart-rendering new awareness. Going within now leads you many places, and many new vistas appear to you. You are making the rules and establishing new parameters in what is being offered to you as you explore your many avenues of new awareness within you.

You are your World now, you are its maker, you are its inspiration as you tap deeper into your Divine Essence and come out with rich experiences within your beautiful energies of Love, your all-encompassing Love etching its way deeper into all the pores of your Being and spilling out to others.

So continue to soar, dear ones; continue to tap the untapped resources within you and delight yourself in its pure graceful quality, unique to you, and so ready to show its essence and to be accepted by your loving heart.

As I speak to you from my heart, you capture the essence of it, and use it to enhance your own essence, to build the crescendo of your own heart to its pinnacle. And this is just the beginning, dear ones; you will capture more of your essence as you accept and own it as the Truth and as you do, all your capabilities will begin to emerge more and more as you allow them.

And for now, if you feel like you have been inhabiting a dry desert within you as you begin to fill the void of your new transition, the more you feed it with love and acceptance the more lush the scenery will become, so much so that you will revel in complete joy and wonder at what you are discovering within you, as you allow the New Light to transform you deeper and more true to your underlying Divine Essence.

And so my dear ones, I leave you for now to continue to build your True Essence and discover your unique abilities. Just let go and Be in the moment, as we have been urging you to do, and within that moment will open up pockets of discoveries unequaled ever in your experience.

Enjoy this new ride, dear ones. I am always with you, as is the Company of Heaven, and we see your luminescence ever growing brighter.


With all my love,

Mother Mary

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