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Queen Down And Out? UK Royal Palaces ‘Crumbling And Leaky’ As Her Finances Dwindle – 28 January 2014

RT logoBritain’s Queen Elizabeth II, long thought to be one of the world’s richest women, is apparently down to her last million in savings, with palaces leaking and falling to pieces as MPs say she has been failed by her advisers and the Treasury.

The Queen’s courtiers have been advised to take money saving tips from the UK treasury, as her finances dip to an historic low with just £1 million left in reserve, the Telegraph reported.

A report by the Commons Public Accounts Committee found that her reserve fund had fallen from £35 million in 2001 to £1 million today. While the Royal household had made efficiency savings of just 5 percent over the past five years, government departments have made savings of up to a third.

Read the whole article at: www.rt.com /link to original article

Jon Rappoport – The man Who Sold Space – 28 January 2014

jon7-a short story-

Smith, who some people mistakenly called God, had a problem.

Ever since he was a child, he’d wanted to sell space. But as an adult, he realized there was an infinity of it, in fact several infinities, and such abundance was bad for business.

So he and three friends came to Earth and began promoting the absurd idea that space was at a premium. They said it was hard to get, and going fast. Continue reading

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – part 392 – 28 January 2014

AishaNorthThe increasing activity in the sky will also induce some increased activities within you all. And no, we are not simply referring to all of that dreaded physical moaning and groaning that your body is apt to perform. Rather, we are referring to those activities that you are all eagerly awaiting, in the form of a deeper connection not only with those aspects of you you have yet to make acquaintance with, but also with the rest of Creation. For now, these long hidden doors will start to creak slowly open, and one by one, you will start to see glimpses of light where you before have seen nothing but blankness. And yes, we do mean that in every description of the word “light”, for the light you will start to distinguish will come in many shapes and forms, and we venture to guess that after this, you will no longer think of light as merely a way of illuminating the surroundings. For we think you will start to realize just what light is, for it is so much more than a particle or indeed a wave, the two conditions your scientists like to define it as. Light is indeed far more variable than that, as it can be likened to a living entity, and a highly intelligent one at that.

For light is so much more than the opposite of darkness, and light is so much more than the presence of something that can be seen. Light is also a carrier of whole worlds of knowledge and information, and yes, we do mean worlds as in the one you are currently inhabiting. As we have told you before, the concept of mass is merely an illusion, a trick of the light if you will, and by and by, you will soon start to get the gist of what we are implying now. For again, we will give you this in the form of little snippets of information, some will perhaps even call it dis-information, for we are never the ones that will give you any answers outright. Much to the dismay of some, but still, this is all part of that much mentioned general plan. For you are the true explorers here, and in order for you to truly regain you true glory and indeed greatness, you must find a way to enter that greatness by your own volition. And as such, you will be asked to reach deep within for any answer that you may seek, and yes, they are all there for you to find, if you choose to do so. And no, this is not simply a ploy set up to give us a leeway out of any commitment, this is simply the name of the game if you will. Continue reading

UK Column Live – 28 January 2014

Uploaded on 28 January 2014 by  ukcolumn Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish with a news update from the UK Column. (If still live and not showing:  wait a 20 minutes as it will be archived…)

NaturalNews – L.J. Devon – Federal Judge Excuses Shell’s Pollution Of Illinois Town With Chemical Benzene – 28 January 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Roxana, a village of 1,550 people in southern Illinois, now sits on many acres of benzene-contaminated soil, including toxic groundwater that contains benzene levels 26,000 times greater than allowed by state law. Thanks to multiple chemical spills from a Shell refinery in the last two decades, this area contains levels of benzene hazardous to human health.

Woman cites how benzene traveled through her basement cinder block walls and through an open drain Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – China’s Fake Export Numbers Under Close Scrutiny – 28 January 2014

MishMikeShedlockChina’s export numbers are so unbelievable that even mainstream media doesn’t believe them. Bloomberg has the story correct, but its title could use a bit more punch.

Please consider China Trade Puzzle Revived as Hong Kong Data Diverge

China’s trade numbers, distorted by fake exports last year, are set to come under renewed scrutiny after a discrepancy between Hong Kong and Chinese figures for bilateral trade widened to the largest in eight months. Continue reading

How To Build A 14×14 Solar Cabin – 28 January 2014

Uploaded on 3 March 2010 by solarcabin (Lucas: Just an example of how to be living self-sufficient!) This is a general overview of how I built my 14×14 solar cabin for under $2000. For complete step-by-step directions, videos, and more project plans including how to install solar power, drill your own well, build a composting toilet and more please visit my website: http://www.simplesolarhomesteading.com: Songs are originals written by me!