Sophia Love – Newest Messages Updates From 27th And 28th – 28 January 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

january 28th 2014

Also to answer to Your question Good Friend Michael, the first part of this message explains that everything can be used, but only if there is no other way. How Humanity constructed this civilization, from building blocks of this Planet of Animals of Trees. Because there was no other way. Earth is ready to share what it have with it’s children, but only if they will respect Her other Children, giving Love, Joy, Harmony to other Beings and to Planet overall. This is how One like to see and experience Itself.And talking to Forces of One is not possible, they are here not to help Humanity, only to end experiment, but One’s orders were to fulfill the wish of Humanity, which is also an end of experiment and receiving of freedom. I’m not in contact with them right now, there is no need to be so, before the moment of choice we were frequently contacting each other, but now We are waiting for actions of Followers of Light or Humanity, it is up to them to finish this experiment. Forces of One can be called “dormant” right now. They only waiting, scattered around the Solar System and around GFL Systems as well.

I’m not a Pi tau. I’m a human just like You and Everyone around, what makes me different is that within me is an “extension soul” which is an ancient soul, it is an “addon” to my human abilities (I have two Souls, one is my “normal” and second is not active, yet it boosts my abilities and can be “activated” when I need it). With it, I can be recognized as a representative of One of a Terranians (Humanity). We chose latin to describe many things, because it is the main language of this World right now. Yes, within Forces of One Humanity is known as “terranians” or “from Terra”.

Also Thank You for providing this great video!
I will share one too:)
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I will also add information which Everyone can find useful. First is about Obamacare, our Good Friend Dahboo7 found many good information about this whole scheme. We knew that Obamacare was a scam since it began to work, Obamacare is also not giving privacy protection for Anyone that signs
Click here.

this site can be easily hacked by anyone
Click here.

also good research about nsa and it’s spying
Click here.

Also Good Friend found this hidden information, there are many more, don’t relax just yet, while illuminati are still in control this won’t disappear
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Second is about pineal gland. I already mentioned that Everyone should avoid using fluorine and fluoride poisons for health benefits. This poisonous chemical is a slow killer. It is accumulating itself in bones, teeth and pineal gland. Pineal gland is also can be called an antenna like in this video from Good Friend BPEarthWatch
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Pineal gland is Your Sahasrara – the Crown Chakra, which is called on kabbalah’s tree of life also – the Crown. The connection with Creation, with Universe.
It is increasing Your overall connectedness with Universe, thus with One. And fluoride is the best chemical that suppresses and degrades it
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U.S. is adding more fluoride than any other country in the World, degrading americans’ ability to see though the veil of illusion. Here is the list of countries that adds/no longer adds fluoride in water
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Fluoride accumulates itself naturally in a black and red tea. I’m drinking rarely green tea which almost don’t have fluoride. I Remember at first it was my own “instinct” to stop drinking black and red teas, then I was introduced into this. Green tea also filling Your organs and Body cells with oxygen, very good tea for a health and to keep Your weight low;) This is how You can remove it from Your body and from water.
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and here.

On the contrary calcium can benefit Your bones, teeth and Your Physical Body overall. It is also benefiting pineal gland lowly, but still
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and here.

Food with most calcium
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Yes, calcium can help prevent mutation (cancer) from appearing, on the contrary fluoride is the chemical that causes cancer most of the time, also it degrades bones and causes many bone sicknesses
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But the main reason why illuminati are using fluoride is because it is degrading pineal gland (demiurge and Beings of Purity are also at it)

Also another information I may aid, is about deodorant and antiperspirants, always try to use aluminum-free deodorants or You can use these natural alternatives to deodorants, as aluminum as well accumulates in body, is toxic to organs and also causes mutation (cancer)
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If You are asking the question what You can do right now? If You think You are powerless, then this is false, You are Powerful!! You can change many things by only wanting to change them. Look for famous People in Internet that shares Your view on what is happening in this World, share with them information about new better technology, alternative to oil. First cars can be outfitted with these, then power plants, and finally Your homes. If they will find it interesting, You can say to them about “frequent visitors” to this World, corruption within government is accepted by most right now, “the illuminati conspiracy” which many deemed laughable just 20 cycles ago is now making sense for many more People around the World. So there is a lot You can share with other People around the Web!

Here is some beautiful music for Everyone:)
Click here. Heart of Fire
and here. Dantelion
and here. Oblivion

With much Peace, Calm and Prosperity!

“1- Have you, or the others GEs or the Forces of One review the information published by Andrew Bartzis?. Any comments on the information or in the role of the “Galactic Historian”?”Yes, I know of him, I will not tell which Lightworker is “true” or “false”, it is always up for You to decide Good Friend. He is a very Good Person, helping People to realize hidden potentials:) Every Lighworker, Lightwarrior, Channeler is speaking truth which in their understanding is true, the device on the Moon distorts this truth, disconnects from Universe.

And there are disinformers which intentionally are spreading false information, most of them have jewish roots.

I think this will help You to distinct some not so real good wishers. I only say that I’m aware of reptilians that are “channeling”. And they are never tell the whole story, only a part of true story. They can be distinguished by their sounds which they pronounce the most: ssss, sshh, hhaahh. Snakish sounds, these are sounds of their language, original “reptilian language”. They try to hide them, but it is very hard for them to do:) These sounds are very abundant in jewish language, that is why this nation was chosen to be the rulers of corrupted world, as they are the closest to reptilians. And the point why these channelers were still active after main archon force was “removed” from this planet along with device on Moon still turned on were our prime concerns. Also they like triangular crafts (triangular lights, triangular UFOs) and symbolics. Novus Ordo Seclorum was their masterplan to make huge sufferings to Humanity, so to lead Everyone to Light and Love.

“2- About this Demiurge being. When he hide the real nature of the universe in order to pose as One he is acting against our free will. I mean, the fact that me or anyone else chose to believe him it’s in everyone´s right to chose but how can this be considered a Free Will Chose if the only options available to chose from are presented by the very same being hidden the real presence of One in order to trick us to chose him instead of One. Why there is no plan to implement total transparency and disclosure of all information in order to give everyone a real chance to exercise Free Will right away?”

This being set itself right before narrowed sight of Humanity. And it is keeping Majority in unknowing of real Creator. When Soul is leaving this World it is intercepted by one of the stations located throughout this Solar System and sent via false route to demiurge’s location and demiurge “in all of it’s glory” is standing right before this Soul.

All Souls during their lifetimes at least once heard of a being that rules or created this World, and it was a very rare case when Humans were able to “crack” this mystery and find out about a real Creator. So when Soul is before demiurge that at least once heard of God, is accepting it as a “God of the Universe”, (that is when Free Will is saying it is a God, thus giving itself to it’s authority, like “signing a contract”) and this being is saying if Soul was not loyal, “you committed a lot of sins in your life, so you will go to hell to clean yourself of all those sins” of course obviously Soul don’t want to go there, so it is saying, “then you will go back to Earth to fix your sins.” (This is what happens most of the time, but some Souls are being sent to hell)

And demiurge is making sure Soul won’t find out about whole story. As we know, it was a very rare situation when Soul was openly telling demiurge “you are a false god!” And when it was happening demiurge along with it’s “angels” was always convincing Soul that it is mistaken and that before You is “the one true god”, this being was showing “wonders” and it’s powers, Soul’s previous lifetime experiences, relatives, it knows every Human Being inside out, all of these made many believed it, but what can You expect from so powerful being? And only few were not convinced and were set free. No other Soul was allowed to see how these very few were set free..

That is how it can control Your view and belief how it wants. A very grand illusion isn’t it? It is so true what will be shown to You, that disbelieving it will be very hard, because there will be huge fear pointed at Soul, different types of self induced emotions, but as always – resisting it possible. And when You know that it is a false god, accepting that You are a Free Sovereign Being, this is what Your Free Will is.

Majority of Humanity still believe in this god imposter only because there wasn’t told that there are actually “two”, One real, and other only imposes the first One. Majority know only of evil entity – devil, satan, but very few can imagine that father of Humanity is an “imposter”, this is something Everyone would hardly agree with. Rewriting of old religions which beared truth hidden in legends and mythologies were marked as “pagan” or “satan’s religions”. But actually they were holding the very real truth which could have been decoded. The history of Humanity’s Creation. So as always Knowing is Light, unknowing is dark.

To finish with painful matter about Animals, Good Friend asked me about the last movie videos One provided, and Good Friend Michael Kovacic asked about the question that I too was asking to myself during my childhood. I too was seeing how Animal Body was released from Soul, during my childhood I was living on a farm, and it was always painful for me to see how it was done. Yet my grandparents were kind and were doing it without causing much pain and fear to Animals. I was wondering during my childhood “is it good that animals are eating each other and is there any way how to live without killing someone to get the food?” And it is happening not just on this Planet, but in whole Universe. When I grew up and was made a GE, One told me:”All of this is a part of Creation, it is a Universal Flow of Energy. Energy need to flow and when Animals are getting other Animals to feed themselves, it is called Energy flow, also it is “a population control” and exercising of a better design of organic alpha structure.”

It wasn’t understandable for at first, but now I understand. Why also One wanted to reveal this is because, mostly when there is a talk about suffering, it is mainly about Humanity and Mother Earth, where Animals are going to Earth’s category. Yet they are like Humans, have a separated from nature organism and have their own much more evolved than plants Soul. Where Plants and Trees can be called a part of Mother Nature/Earth, as they have Collective Consciousness (they also can be called a living hairs of Mother Earth), Animals are a separated beings, which can act on their own, like People are doing. Due to Our activities to heal the World and Change, We forgot about this very simple and yet obvious thing, and about it’s huge influence on Us. Like We also forgot about many minorities around the World, like america’s “indians” which are considered a “second sort humans” in U.S., where they are paying taxes and in return live in complete poverty without any cover from U.S. government, police is not investigating their cases and they are always guilty in whatever happens with their involvement, media is always ignoring them, injustice at it’s finest.. It is a part of a “knowing concept”: when We don’t know it, it works on us “better” reducing our capabilities and “unexpected things just happens”, but when We know it, We are keeping in mind this and are doing things better with considering everything We know of.

So considering the Universal Energy Flow, We can eat Animals, but only on condition when there is no other things to eat. In this World We have a situation when “another food” is abundant, some plants are even intentionally growing fruits, vegetables, leaves so that We as a separated Beings, Humans and Animals can eat them and spread their seeds or they simply doing it to feed us:) But when no food is available and there are only Animals, We as the ones that are to eat Them, with all due respect to Creation We need to release the Souls of Our little Brothers and Sisters without causing much pain to Them, without frightening Them. They also need to have a happy life (or close to happy), when They can move, when They can enjoy Their life, also a very great video Good Friend Michael! This is what I mean, when They are happy, amazing to see them so Joyful!:)
So it is the attitude toward Them, and very huge numbers of all Animals under such oppression, all of this brings a lot of fear and pain aura to this World. The biggest problems are with Animals living in harsh conditions, where there is no place to run, to move, to enjoy life, where cannibalism is taking place and seeing and hearing how their beloved are released from physical existence causing much pain to them. And the biggest problem is with People getting fur and leather from Animals, only fur and leather are taken, their bodies are not, and from some Animals leather/fur/skin is detached even when they are alive, which is causing them too much pain… This transmits to World and to Us.. This will have to end if Humanity will want to live in a Happy and a Peaceful Society, this would be not possible if these atrocities against Creation would continue.

The end note of this is: “Yes, the meat is tasty, leather and fur clothes are extravagance, but these tastiness and extravagance are having it’s price and consequences. The Karma is returning like a boomerang, like one Good Friend said.” If Humanity will not fix this and apologize for these actions to next generations of Our small Brothers and Sisters it will return as harsh justice to Humanity. It will not happen now and not on this Moment of Justice, later if it will not be fixed.

Also the resemblance of movie Cloud Atlas like Good Friend wrote, it is very true. This is what this World is all about – a grand illusion.

There in movie artificially created clones were working as “slaves” only for the purpose to be freed and live like any other People are living, but what they were meeting once freedom was achieved, was only the end of their life… And their bodies were used for food which these same clones were drinking, not knowing it..

This is having a reflection of this World. The fruits which are “ready”, Light Followers wanted to take, while other “dismiss”. Like it is written in their own created prophecy. Majority are following behind this prophecy thinking they will be “saved”, but in reality, only very few would be. “Dismiss” means “destroy”, like destroying a “cancerous element”, in their understanding it is a “rebellion element”, they are afraid of truth seekers, they need only the ones that are smart and are blindly loyal to them. And “dismissal” includes many “hard believers” in religions as well, all what Creators of Humanity wanted is a “clean flawless product” of their experimentation with Creation. Like it was said in last video, they are afraid of a “Civilization to take it’s own route and forge it’s own destiny and not the one they intended this civilization to take.”

They were prevented from doing this “harvest of fruits”, and Humanity will find many many allies among them once whole truth will be completely revealed. Their civilizations are very good overall, once their majority will know what is truly happening here they will aid Humanity and will not allow their governments to hurt You anymore. We GEs never sit and doing nothing, right now as they continuously postpone the end of this experiment, We are revealing more and more about them, what they don’t want Humanity to know. So stopping of this revelation is in their hands. As time progresses toward august 2016, they have less and less trust of part of Humanity they wanted to take with them (ones that are smart and loyal – their “fruits”).

Always use Your own discernment of information, We always respect Your Free Will and Free Choice. If this information not resonates with You then stop reading this. We don’t want to guide Anyone into his/her disbelief toward Family of Light (Galactic Federation is calling themselves so). You can use this at least as a consideration or a possibility.

Update from Sophia:Ray has supplied some information on hydrogen transformation.  It is the prerequisite to fusion, which will supply a lot of energy, and is described as follows:

“If you run Hydrogen through an electric discharge the hydrogen is separated from molecular hydrogen into atomic hydrogen. if you send that atomic hydrogen through a heat exchanger while it recombines into molecular hydrogen you will get over a hundred times the energy it took to separate it turned into heat.”

Meet Ray — “Of course I want the world to know it. My name is Ray Edwards, I am 87 years old. I have nothing to fear from the authorities and I find living an exciting adventure. I am a mechanical engineer.  I would like to hear from someone who has enough finances to help me produce a working model. ”  He can be reached at: .

This information will also be posted in the “New World Energy” page so it can be easily located.
There are folks working on alternatives to leather production.  Click here for Andras Forgacs.
Please continue to meditate for worldwide peace and calm.  The Sochi Olympics will have the focus of the world next month, and will only be supported by our continued positive energy.

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