I-UV Sweden – The Iraqi War Effort Made Carl Bildt Multimillionair! – 29 January 2014

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The blue curve shows the share price in dollars of asset manager Legg Mason, where Carl Bildt sat in the Board. The red curve shows the share price in dollars for the arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin in which Legg Mason is a major shareholder.

Bildt will earn large sums on the Iraqi war. He has served on the Board of asset manager Legg Mason with major economic interests in the US war industry. At the same time, he was a lobbyist for American military interests with links to arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

-It is noteworthy that Sweden’s foreign minister, campaigned for a war against Iraq, and then in addition, self made money on the outbreak of war, says Rolf Lindahl, political Secretary at the Swedish peace and arbitration society. On 17 september 2002, takes Bildt directorship at Legg Mason, one of the United States’s largest asset managers with a large part of its shareholding in U.S. high-tech industry.

He goes immediately into Legg Mason’s stock option plans. Recruits Bildt Three months later in order for Bildt to lobby the Organization Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, CLI, that advocates an invasion of Iraq. Chairman of the CLI is Bruce P. Jackson, who just left the post of Director of strategic planning at Lockheed Martin, one of the United States’s largest arms manufacturers. Much is at stake. If the United States invades Iraq, Lockheed Martin to secure a contract for a billion dollars to the Pentagon.

In March 2003,  the first American bombs detonates on the streets of Baghdad. Two years later, Lockheed Martin’s stock price has more than doubled, from 45 dollars to over $ 100 per share. In the most recent annual report from Legg Mason the shareholding in Lockheed Martin is on the top list of the most successful shares during the year. Already in June 2003, said William Loomis, an analyst with Legg Mason, that the war had come to contribute to a sharp rise for the whole of the U.S. technology industry, where Legg Mason has large investments. “The increase is the largest we’ve seen in 20 years,” said William Loomis to American Business Journal. Sunrise helps to Legg Mason’s stock rises sharply in value. And hence the value of Carl Bildt’s options, which today is estimated at around 11.5 million.

-Carl Bildt’s links with the American arms industry and war lobbyism is bothersome. It violates that Sweden’s foreign minister, campaigned for a war against Iraq, which both the Swedish Government and Parliament denounced and called contrary disgusting, says Rolf Lindahl

By: Leo Lagerkrantz and Johannes Nasser Expressen
Source: http://www.expressen.se/nyheter/

Bildt is once again under fire which seems happening more and more frequenty because it is becoming increasingly clear who is is working for. His business with Lundin Oil is suspect, to say the least, in addition to revealing Josefin Shield and John Wahlstrom at Aftonbladet on 15 March 2013 that  Bildt revealed state secrets about nuclear power from intergovernmental negotiations in the 70 ‘s directly to the United States. Documents proving this can be found here.

“Carl Bildt (M) informed the United States about what was said during the closed deliberations, the Government in the 1970s. Former Prime Minister Thorbjörn Fälldin and former party leader of the Liberal party knew nothing about Bildt’s contacts. – Everything we said was classified. Not just for the foreign stakeholders, but also for our own parties, says Per Ahlmark (FP). – Have agreed to this because we are not out in the public, then, “said Thorbjorn Falldin (C).”

That’s exactly how the underlying power works I would say that is more than bothersome!


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