John Ward – ThePaedofile : Time To Let Some Light In On This, And Chuck Out The Garbage That’s Getting In The Way – 29 January 2014

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Please, can we all wake up here? Regardless of what these four people are ‘under suspicion’ or in jail for, they are all seen by the public as probable child molesters thanks to police arrest warrants. They are not paedophiles, and they never will be.

What we are witnessing here (but largely ignoring) is a deliberate attack on the BBC. An attack smearing many of its high-profile staff to establish in the public mind the ridiculous idea that the national broadcaster is a den of filth than cannot be trusted to represent a balanced, decent viewpoint.

This is the once-upon-a-time politically neutral British police working actively towards a political end, while ignoring real crime elsewhere on a near national scale. The same police who lie about crime statistics, leak sensitive political information to the media, and helped Newscorp establish the atmosphere in which the BBC could be crushed, and Sky moved in. Because Sky would be more “business friendly”.

These are the same police who have been wanking around on the Elm House paedophile bordello case for the best part of 35 years, and closing the case every time some worthless politician or senior judge warns them off.

The same police who for years turned a blind eye to (and then colluded in) the local Labour/Islamic community’s paedophile rings.

The same police who ignored a CIA document bluntly fingering Britain as “the undoubted hub of child trafficking worldwide”.

The same police massively infiltrated by the Russian Mob and other organised crime.

Paedophilia and child trafficking are a tiny speck on the spreading stain that is undetected and unprosecuted crime in our culture. But one child either trafficked or buggered is one too many if Britain is to hold its head up high ever again.

Can all those directing the Mob please start to consider the following obvious factors in play here:

1. So-called victims frequently turn out to be seekers after fame or money: if you want to know the way of this, ask a policeman.

2. A political motive behind mob attacks and police arrests is never far from the action

3. Jimmy Savile did not groom a nation because there was only one of him and 20 million of them. But the police said he did, and the next day both Murdoch titles (Times and Sun) ran that line on their front pages. How obvious does this have to be before the Mob and its orchestrators wake up?

4. The BBC is getting 95% of the flak. It employs 23,000 people. That’s roughly 0.03% of the population. Why did Mayor Boris Johnson consider widespread hacking at Newscorp to be a bad use of police time, but this to be a good one? The guy is biased and he controls the Met Police: open your eyes.

5. The real paedophiles in Britain are very hard to catch because they hide behind things. They hide behind an affected homosexuality, to evade detection. They pose as social workers attached to Family Courts. They run homeless shelters in Plymouth. They teach in our schools. They tell their children or infant relatives that it’s nice to cuddle, but it’s just their little secret. They don’t decide en masse to become DJs do they? Is that what you believe?

The Metropolitan Police arrested Max Clifford because they wanted his celebrity files. The police are targeting BBC celebrities because they know the UK population is celebrity obsessed. The Newscorp titles are supporting them actively and getting leaks because Murdoch wants the BBC dead, the Tory Party wants the BBC dead, and the Police now support and defend what Murdoch and the Government want, not the People.

Join up the dots below about the trials of BBC staff, and then read my prediction after that.


The tide is turning for the ‘I was abused’ industry, and that tide is coming in more rapidly than its cynical adopters realise. The likes of Mark Williams-Thomas (a proven serial liar), Grant Shapps, David Cameron, senior brass at the Met, and the Newscorp sociopaths had better start swimming right now.

As for those who have swallowed the outrage-hook including line and sinker, the time is hopefully approaching when they finally realise that they have been the victims of Mass Distraction weapons. And even more tragically, the real bottom-feeders are as free and clear of suspicion as they ever were.

It takes time, patience and dedication to catch paedophiles. The last major success involved an international operation encompassing the US, Canada, Holland, Australia and Brazil. The difference there was that the teams were dedicated to solving the crime and punishing the guilty.

The Metropolitan Police has never instigated and then successfully prosecuted such a case. Think on this the next time you read “with young girls, some of whom were as young as nine years old”, read salacious reports of groping and generally behaving like a dickhead, or watch broken men going to jail for the crime of having been young and daft fifty years ago. Think on this the next time a small child disappears and then winds up dead. Think on this the next time a judge issues a gagging order. Think on this the next time you ask whether Met police officers have ever detected and then followed up political outings to Amsterdam…a mere 222 miles away from their patch.

And then finally, ponder this one: you seem determined to believe a trio made up of a media group that has routinely fitted up and hacked the privacy of citizens, an equally fitupcentric police force it has actively worked to corrupt, and a political Establishment that lives in fear of both that media group….and the secrets of Elm House along with its pimp, Richmond Council, coming into the public domain. Why the f**k is that, fellow campaigners against bullying?

I finally realised the deranged paedofinders had lost it when – purely for pointing out that Jimmy Savile did not groom a nation – I was informed the week before last that I’d ‘clearly been mixing with the wrong people’.

Dear oh dear oh dear.

Footnote: a very good book to read as a primer on this subject – The Mind of the Paedophile: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, edited by Socarides & Loeb. It was published ten years ago. Disc Jockeys do not feature highly in it. / link to original article

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