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Grandpaw Peter Koyote – Our Capabilities – 30 January 2014

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Lisa Gawlas – The Soul Of Chicken Soup – 30 January 2014

lisagawlas2Wow, talk about being in a communications black out from deep within!!  I am now in my 5th consecutive day with no audible voice to speak with, but beyond having no speaking voice, the blackout is actually far deeper than that.  Every-time I had sat to reply to an email or type out a blog, my body would go into it’s own tailspin of coughing and falling apart and I would just say screw it and move to the couch, and I would recover quickly.  Sadly, it really took me until yesterday morning to fully notice this pattern.  The insights that came thru on the 28th, A-flipping-mazing and all I wanted to do was share them all with you and I couldn’t.  I couldn’t harness the first word yesterday.  Of course, I had spent all but one hour hacking my lungs up again the night prior and my vital energy system was depleted, again.  At least, until I moved away from the computer. Continue reading


TheStreetsOfLove-Unconditional – Angel Lucci – Positive Money – What’s The Problem With Money? & Sovereign Money Creation – 30 January 2014

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Positive Money is a movement to democratise money and banking so that it works for society and not against it.Our current financial system has left us with the highest personal debt in history, unaffordable housing, worsening inequality, high unemployment and banks that are subsidised and underwritten with taxpayers’ money. We believe that these problems have a common root: money. Continue reading

Some Interesting JP Morgan Posts Through Time About GOLD – 30 January 2014

(Lucas : Look also to the dates and maybe see patterns)

SilverDoctors – january 29, 2014 By :JPMorgan Loses 44% of Gold Inventories in 4 Days! 

In another stunning withdrawal, JP Morgan had  an additional 321,500 oz  gold ounces removed from its vaults today.
Since last Thursday, JP Morgan has lost 44% (20 metric tons = 643,000 oz) of its gold inventories.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the table below is worth over $400 million (at current market prices): See the charts and rest of the story at: http://www.silverdoctors.com/ link to original articel

ZeroHedge – by Tyler Durden on 01/24/2014  – JPMorgan’s Gold Vault Has Biggest One-Day Withdrawal Ever : 

Curious why over the past few months JPM has quietly been accumulating a substantial amount of eligible physical gold (even as its registered gold inventory is the lowest it has ever been at just 87K ounces since December 13, 2013 when 147K ounces of gold was withdrawn – keep that date in mind for a few minutes)? This may have something to do with it: moments ago the daily Comex gold vault report confirmed what many expected, namely that the JPM accumulation was merely in advance anticipation of major withdrawals. How major? Well, on January 23, JPM saw 321,500 ounces of gold depart in one day. This was tied for the single biggest daily withdrawal in history!The last time JPM had an identically sized withdrawal? December 13…. 2012.Read the full story and see charts at: http://www.zerohedge.com/link to original article

King World News – September 13, 2013 – Morgan Whistleblowers Confess Bank Manipulates Gold & Silver :

In a stunning development, two JP Morgan whistleblowers have confessed that the bank manipulates the gold and silver markets.  This is truly a shocking admission by the courageous JP Morgan whistleblowers.  In a blockbuster King World News interview, London metals trader Andrew Maguire told KWN that the two JP Morgan employees came directly to him with hard evidence that the bank was actively manipulating the gold and silver markets. Read the full story at: http://www.kingworldnews.com/ link to original article

Investment Watch Blog – BREAKING: Massive Fire Reported In The Basement At The JP Morgan Gold Warehouse On Wall Street, 20 Firetrucks Showed Up! – July 21st, 2013 :

20 Firetrucks, 4+ ambulance and police showed upThere is zero media coverage about this beside Stopmotions stream of the event and a few locals tweeting about it This is supposedly where JP Morgan keeps their gold. The very same gold that has been dwindling down at astonishing rates lately. JP Morgan warehouse 100 feet below CMP 1 on Wall Street.   Read the full story at: http://www.investmentwatchblog.com /link to original article

SRSRoccoReport – JP MORGAN’s CUSTOMER GOLD INVENTORY FALLS 61% IN ONE DAY -by on June 11, 2013 :In just one day, JP Morgan’s Eligible (Customer) gold inventory fell a whopping 61% today.  That’s 6.7 metric tonnes of gold taken off of JP Morgan’s inventory.  As you can see there are only 136,380 oz of gold left in Morgan’s Customer inventory.   Basically, JP Morgan has a little more than 4 metric tonnes of gold left in its Eligible or Customer inventory. Read the full story at: http://www.srsroccoreport.com/link to original article

Wes Annac – Planetary Healing: Can Meditative Stillness Change The World? – Part 3 – Conclusion – 30 January 2014

wes-annac-300x229The following was written by Wes Annac for the “planetary healing” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which is being offered for $11.11 a month.

Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and the option to subscribe will be given below.(Lucas: given at his own website that is!)

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John Ward – Crash 2 : As The World Runs Out Of Road, They’re Having Trouble Fitting The Signposts In On The Verges – 30 January 2014

JohnWSlog’s interest rate warnings vindicated as Fragile 5 forced to defend themselves

New data this month shout the unmistakeable reality of a slowdown in Chinese manufacturing. Purchasing manager confidence has declined for the third month in a row, and the rate of laying off staff is higher than it was in the depths of doodoo we experienced in 2009. Continue reading

Hyper Report – 140130 – No Checks & Balances – 30 January 2014

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Steve Lendman – Obama’s Abominable State Of The Union – 30 January 2014

StevelendmanObama’s State of the Union address reflected beginning-to-end empty rhetoric. More on his comments below.
Throughout five years in office, he’s been consistent. Duplicity defines his agenda. He says one thing. He does another.
In his first State of the Union address, he promised “to get our economy growing again, save as many jobs as possible, and help Americans who’d become unemployed.”
He called jobs creation his “number one focus.” He promised tax relief for ordinary Americans. He promised help for “8 million Americans paying for college.” Continue reading

Linda Robinson – Archangel Zadkiel – Receiving The Energy Of Higher Light – 30 January 2014

LindaRobinsonGreetings Beloved Ones,

We are Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst of the Seventh Ray of Light of Transformation and Manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss energetic patterns of change and their importance in bringing in new patterns of Higher Light.
You are receiving powerful influxes of higher energy coming to you in waves that are increasing exponentially.

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Abraham Hicks- Why Isn’t Her Visualizing It, Getting It?? – 30 January 2014

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