Greg Braden – How The Heart-Brain Connection Works – 31 January 2014

Uploaded on 23 August 2012 by Become Superhuman In this video with Greg Braden, you’ll learn how the heart-brain connection works: • The science behind• Every moment of every day, your a heart is having a conversation with your brain  • Around the heart is a field of energy 3-5 feet in diameter.  • Every moment of every day your heart is sending signals to your brain instructing it to send what kind of energy to different parts of your body. • Science has now revealed that atoms are concentrated fields of energy• If you change the field of energy in which the atom lives, you change the structure of the atom. You can change the field electrically or magnetically.
• Our hearts are the strongetst bioelectrical and magnetic field generators in our body. Our hearts generate stronger electrical fields than out brain.
• Our hearts are 5000 times stronger magnetically than our brain
• The EKG of our heart is 100 times stronger than the EEG, the electrical information of our brains.
• So, it is electrical signals or frequencies generated internally that influence the the Brain on how much and where to send energy to different parts of the body.


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