Jakarta Floods: Nature Is Fighting Back – 31 January 2014

RT logoIndonesia is a disaster in the making, or as some experts often put it, a time bomb. But it is not just a one-time explosive, but a device that goes off regularly.

Nature is angry, it is furious. Water is pouring from the skies once again, and millions of people are in agony; many are now dying – in the capital city of Jakarta, as well as in so many small villages on remote islands of this sprawling and unfortunate archipelago.

Tragedies occur here with deadly regularity. And there is nothing mystical or supernatural about what is taking place, if one is at least ordinarily informed and educated. Everything here is scientifically, economically and politically explicable. But since the genocidal fascist massacres that took lives or freedom of almost all great Indonesian thinkers in 1965-66, both science and rationale have definitely had a great influence on the nation.

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