Wes Annac – All-Encompassing Spiritual Inspiration – Part 2/2 – 31 January 2014

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Concluded from Part 1

An entity named Michael tells us that the artist Rembrandt received a clear image of Christ from the other side.

“The artist Rembrandt was shown a vision of the actual appearance of Christ. He made every effort to find a model that came close to that – and then was able to transcend even the model. His paintings are perhaps the [closest] to the actual appearance of Christ’s face that have ever been put on canvas. I would rather refer you to them than try to give you a verbal description, because Rembrandt’s paintings are worth looking up and studying.” (1)

We have the ability to receive clear images in our minds, which we can translate into the physical world. Such a level of divine inspiration is incredible, in my opinion, and the only question that’s left in my mind is why more of us don’t act on it.

I guess the best answer is that most of us don’t know it’s here. Most of us don’t understand that spirit is with us in such a big way, but it’s always around, offering support and guidance whenever we need it. Spirit is constantly with us, and if we make an effort to act on the inspiration it provides, we’ll soar to new heights.

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson tells us about the positive and negative inspiration we can receive from the other side.

“All the major discoveries that are of service to the earth-plane have come and always will come from the spirit world. If man, employing his free will, chooses to put those discoveries to base ends, then he can thank himself for the calamities that follow.

Inspiration devoted to whatever cause or pursuit comes from the world of spirit…. If it be for the good of mankind, the source [is] equally good; if the inspiration is obviously not for the good of mankind, then the source is unquestionably evil. Man has it within his own hands as to which source of inspiration he will lend himself – to good or to evil.” (2)

No matter what we create, we’re open to the influence of unseen forces that we don’t realize have as strong of a hand in our creations as they do. If we create from a positive place, we’re likely to touch upon positive influences, but if we have darkness in our minds, we’ll naturally create something darker. It actually seems pretty simple.

Benson then tells us that even modern architecture has been inspired by spirit.

“The inspiration that came to man to cover himself and his family with a roof (…) came from the spirit world. You may say: nothing of the sort; it is no more than a natural instinct of self-preservation, to protect one’s self from the rigours of wind and storm, of cold and heat.

If you feel that you must adhere to your contention, then so be it. I cannot provide proof of my assertion yet. You must wait until you come to spirit lands yourself and I shall be pleased to show you where you can ascertain the truth for yourself. In the meantime, I will adhere to my contention and I will venture further to assert that the whole range of architectural design throughout the ages has been inspired and influenced, promoted and encouraged by great minds resident in the spirit world.” (3)

It’s been said before that spiritual sources aren’t hinged on whether or not we believe in what they say – they simply offer the truth from their perspective and let us do what we will with it. Like Benson suggested, until we reach the spirit realms ourselves, we won’t know everything about them.

Even as I write about it, I recognize that I won’t really understand the mechanics of spiritual inspiration until I’ve reached the higher realms again. It’s important for those of us who are interested in this idea to start thinking about it, but the human mind, however intricate, is far too minute to comprehend everything.

From the Earth, we can only get a glimpse of the paradigm-shattering concepts we’re discovering as our perception of spirit grows. We can start thinking about things like this, or all-out refuse to accept their reality, but eventually, we’ll understand them in an undistorted way.

Benson reaffirms that creative inspiration “can come from any quarter of the spirit world”.

“Inspiration is not a matter of physical brain cells self-functioning in such a manner as to produce a clever or brilliant idea in the mind of a person. Inspiration can come from any quarter of the spirit world, from the highest realms, from the lowest realms, and from the grey lands as well. It remains with the incarnate as to which quarter of the spirit world he will lend an ear. If to the highest, there will come only that which is good; if to the lowest, only that which is evil and bad.” (3)

He continues, “In the former, among many other good things, you will have all the beauties of art and music, but they will be beauties and not hideous distortions masquerading under the cloak of pure art; you will have scientific discoveries for the benefit of mankind, as well as schemes for his well-being.” (3)

Instead of inventive ideas that don’t have our wellbeing in mind (like GMOs), positive inventions will float down to the minds and hearts of scientists the world over and they’ll act on that inspiration to help humanity. Could you imagine every scientist attuning to spirit for inspiration? We’d have a new paradigm in no time!

In our final quote for this article, Benson tells us that the beauty we experience here is only a taste of what awaits.

“Without the spirit world, the earth and mankind, who is barely living as judged by the greater life of the spirit world, would soon get into inconceivable difficulties. The beauties of the earth are but a foretaste of the beauties of the spirit world and the life that lies before all mankind. We do not copy you who are on earth – we have no need to do so. We give you glimpses of the spirit world so that you may have some slight acquaintance with the spirit world before you come to take up your residence here.” (3)

Spirit is incredibly important to the sustainability of physicality, and just like creative inspiration flows, the energy that creates and sustains our reality is lovingly given from the other side. Our physical reality is kept in place by the spirit realms, but most of us don’t even know they exist.

We still don’t understand the enormity of the other side. Most of us go about our days with a sense of unawareness and incompleteness, because we don’t understand the immense and brimming nature of the realms beyond. Important and liberating ideas pour from spirit into humanity, and it’s time for us to start acting on them.

There’s a lot more material out there about this subject, and I’ll probably write another article or series just to cover it all. I couldn’t possibly post and examine all of it here unless I wanted to be a computer hermit for a good few hours (and sometimes I do), but you’re encouraged to do your own research and reach your own conclusions.

One thing’s for sure – I’m excited to sit down and let spirit write through me as much as possible.

Wes Annac – Encouraging the unseen.


(1)- Robert Leichtman, The Psychic Perspective. Columbia: Ariel press, 1978.

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