Drivel Of The Day: Dan Hannan Asserts, “Principle Is Punishment” – 1 February 2014

JohnWAs of course, Arbeit macht frei. And strength can be gained through joy.

Dan Hannabal’s latest troupe of room-dwelling elephants is a masterpiece of 3-card trickery: ‘because Labour supporters would levy a top tax rate of 50% even if it didn’t bring in any more money, they are obviously mad persons whose sole desire is the punishment of the rich’.

This is the thread I’ve just left at the Telegraph:

If I may say so young Daniel, your substitution of the word ‘principle’ with ‘punishment’ is very clever, but both mendacious and regrettable.
But then, pretty much all of your stuff is deliberately obtuse in a way designed to win over the intellectually idle. Perhaps this is what makes you a Tory, I’m not sure.
There are two further possible interpretations of this research result:
1. That the principle at stake might be the growing inequity of wealth in the UK, which leads inevitably to the politics of envy.
2. Or the principle might be that no banker or footballer, however talented, is worth 140 x the salary of a dedicated nurse or a bomb-disposal expert.

I’m not a wealth redistributor, because it clearly doesn’t work. But equally, I am not an apologist for individual greed as some kind of higher-order goal than social dedication. If the top tier of earners showed even an iota of self-restraint, there would be no need for higher taxes. QED, and over to you.

The full story of Dan’s inability to display any social ethics in his credo can be viewed at Slog Home Page, right hand column. / link to original article