Lucas – The Fearmongering Goes On – 1 February 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsFrom white powder letters with baking soda to alleged attacks on The Super Bowl till terrorist attacks on the Sochi Olympics, all having in coming a building up of fear and therefore you manifesting what you are not wanting to see. Enough false flags have been debunked the past years and government lies and involvement in getting you readied for war, believing attacks of 9/11 , 7/7 , etc  are by those from outside your country.  See where the money and the support, training and power play is coming from. All are terrorism acts that made a laws for your protection necessary as you all wanted after that to be protected right! But all that was forgotten to tell you that your government were involved in those attacks on YOU. You have got a Patriot Act an NDAA , Guantanamo Bay, Homeland Security, FBI and TSA terror, and also in other countries it was going the same way … you saw more and more controls in the name of your safety and security put in place and your rights diminished and you still believe it is all for the better… Still your constitution was written by those secret societies that show they have clearly an agenda to control the world and humanity…. and you believe in “granted freedom and rights” that you always had without all that crap paper its was written on and all the law, rules and regulations put in place! Wake up and make sure your not going for all of it again but make the world a new and better place for all without all humanity as equals without hierarchy. Know your power within and get governing yourselves…. Yes attempts still will be made to disrupt your awakening people. Just do not watch all that mainstream media and those that get hyping the agendas of those putting out the lies, false information and misinformation news on the net.  You can discern yourselves and see facts if you really wanna research and see.  See all as data but not get emotional attached to or involved in it as that will suck you into their fear and control agenda again.  Keep your balance and see the bigger picture of all. See the agendas, see what you can do to empower yourself and do it different and oppose without force and violence all that what is not allowing you to be  your own free human in this world. Also see that truths put out there all are just a part of the whole story and never the full story. Be aware that all has another side to it as well and maybe a hidden agenda attached to it. Nothing is ultimately the whole and only truth.

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